What is AVCon?

AVCon is an annual Anime & Video Games Festival held in Adelaide. AVCon celebrates the world of anime, gaming, cosplay, pop culture, art and more in one big community-based event for all ages.

About AVCon’s History

AVCon began in 2002 as a small joint convention supported by volunteers from the University of South Australia’s Adelaide Japanese Animation Society (AJAS) and the Adelaide University Video Gamers Association (AUVGA, now known as EVAC). Originally known as the A/V Connection, the event was held annually at the University of Adelaide. In 2008, owing to continued attendance growth, the event outgrew its convention status and became a festival. The year after, in 2009, AVCon reached new heights by moving to a larger venue at the Adelaide Convention Center.

It was during this growth that the non-for-profit organisation Team AVCon was founded. To learn more about Team AVCon and how to get involved, check out our Team AVCon web page.

While the 2020 and 2021 festival weekend was unable to go ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Team AVCon is still working hard to bring the next best event to the community. In the meantime, check out Our Community web page to keep up the latest updates and other like-minded fans like you.

Previous AVCons

Check out the table below for a rundown of previous AVCons!

July 2002The University of Adelaide 
19-20 July 2003The University of Adelaide 
17-18 July 2004The University of Adelaide 
16-17 July 2005The University of AdelaideRPG
15-16 July 2006The University of AdelaidePirates vs. Ninjas
21-22 July 2007The University of AdelaideRock Show
26-27 July 2008The University of AdelaideSpace Opera
24-26 July 2009The Adelaide Convention CentreHeroes and Villains
23-25 July 2010The Adelaide Convention CentreInto the Woods
22-24 July 2011The Adelaide Convention CentreRetro
27-29 July 2012The Adelaide Convention CentreNeon Future
12-14 July 2013The Adelaide Convention CentreSchool Days
18-20 July 2014The Adelaide Convention CentreFantasy RPG
17-19 July 2015The Adelaide Convention CentreDetective Agency
15-17 July 2016The Adelaide Convention CentreMecha vs. Magica
21-23 July 2017The Adelaide Convention CentreWinter Festival
20-22 July 2018The Adelaide Convention CentreEvolution
5-7 July 2019The Adelaide Convention CentreJoin the Party