The AVCon Alumni is a register of committee and elect who served in a significant role and have been an active Team AVCon member for 3 or more consecutive years. These Alumni are the people who helped pave the way and build the foundations of what AVCon is today.

Julian Austin
Tom Baker
Brad Barrett
Michael Barron
Tom Birdseye
Andrew Birkin
William Brennan
Tiffany Cannon
James Carthew
Mitchell Chapman
Scott Chefirs
Thomas Diment
Samantha Donnell
Kimberley Dorrell
Mel Dyer
Christine Falk
Andrew Forth
Conroy Foster
John Franzon
Neil Golding
Daniel Habenschuss
Darryl Harding
Chris Harris
Steven Hayes
Kendelle Hill
Michael Hill
Beverley Hull
Daniel Johnson
Debbie Kaminski
Ben Kilsby
Colin Liddle
Alethea Lim
Denzil Lim-Hussain
Nick Maddox
Ryan Mendes
Grant Moritz
Hugo Oks
Daniel Petherick
Neil Phillips
James Picone
Adam Rau
John Scobie
Mark Stoffels
Kimberley Tilbrook
Drew Van Schoonhoven
Melissa Waterman
Dustin Wilson
Alyssa Wishart
Connell Wood