Cosplay Competition

This year, we are hosting an entirely new Cosplay Competition with higher expectations than ever. AVCon believes in celebrating the intensive and beautiful work our cosplayers create, and this competition is the best place to do it! Applications are now open; check out below to enter!

We’re changing up our cosplay game in 2023!

You are invited to come and showcase your work on AVCon’s main stage to compete for the prestigious awards for being the best of the best! The AVCon Cosplay Competition is not for the faint of heart; those who enter will be putting their work on display to be judged by veteran costume designers, prop makers and industry professionals. But to the victor goes the spoils! The AVCon Cosplay Competition comes with a myriad of categories and prizes for both the newcomer and the veteran to take away and be eternal proof of their victories.

You can submit your application for the AVCon Cosplay Competition either here (this will direct you to our Google Form) or at the bottom of this page. Come take a chance on our stage and in front of our judges this year at the Cosplay Competition for AVCon!


There are four categories open for entry to cover all types of cosplayers.

NOVICE✦ This division is for anyone new to the competitive cosplay scene and the hobby in general!
✦ Contestants in this division have not won awards for their cosplay and do not work in this creative field (seamstress, props master, tailoring, etc.).
INTERMEDIATE✦ Contestants in this division may have competed previously or won awards for their work.
✦ They are proficient in one or more skills. 
GROUP✦ Combination of novice and intermediate skill sets 
✦ Group entries are limited to 5 people. Contestants cannot participate in multiple groups or be judged solo.
✦ These contestants are judged on their cosplays “overall” and not individually. This means the cosplays can be worked on together to create the garments rather than individual projects.
MASTER✦ This division features cosplayers considered experts in their trade and creates cosplays at a high standard. 
✦ The master division will include any contestant that has made commission work, works in an industry specialising in costume or clothing (seamstress, tailor, etc.) and/or has decent experience in creating garments. 
✦ These cosplayers are proficient in comprehensive skill sets and materials and, as such, have more elaborate costumes. This division highly regards technical finishes, couture techniques, and other professional touches to garments.

We want to see all types of cosplayers at this Festival and celebrate them. Our judges come from all different types of disciplines to see, understand, and judge your work with expert eyes! This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk to incredible artisans from around Australia. Your fellow cosplayers are great sources of knowledge and interesting titbits. Come meet them and compete with them for the Cosplay Trophy side by side!

What can I win?

We have many amazing titles up for grabs. The following titles are eligible to be won:

✦ Novice Best in Class
✦ Intermediate Best in Class
✦ Master Best in Class
✦ Group Best in Class
✦ Judges Choice
✦ Sustainability Award

To best understand what our judges are looking for, make sure to read the AVCon 2023 Cosplay Competition Rules for more information!

Every entrant will receive a mini goodie bag for entering, thanks to our friends at Lumin’s Workshop. The following prizes will be up for grabs per category:

✦ Novice Best in Class – $100 Lumin’s Gift Card
✦ Intermediate Best in Class – $100 Lumin’s Gift Card
✦ Master Best in Class – $100 Lumin’s Gift Card
✦ Group Best in Class – $100 Lumin’s Gift Card
✦ Judges Choice – $50 Lumin’s Gift Card
✦ Sustainability Award – $50 Lumin’s Gift Card

important dates and How to Apply!

  • Applications for all divisions open on the 20th of April. The last day to enter is the 7th of July.
  • The Cosplay Competition takes place on Sunday, the 23rd of July, in the early afternoon. It is a requirement to come to prejudging for the competition. This time is allocated to you via the email you will receive upon accepting your application! 
  • If you miss your prejudging time OR are not dressed by your appointment, you will be disqualified from the competition. Please don’t be late! 
  • Contestants must be 15 years old or older at the date of competition to compete in the cosplay competition. Anyone younger is welcome to apply for the Kids Cosplay Competition.
  • Please make sure you have purchased your ticket for the Sunday of the Festival to be eligible for the competition! Saturday-only ticket holders are NOT allowed to compete in the cosplay competition. Tickets can be purchased before the Festival or at the door on the day. However, please note tickets are limited, so we advise you to purchase online to avoid disappointment.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the Competition and Cosplay rules below to understand how this competition will be run.
  • Apply below! If you have any questions, please reach out via email to [email protected], our social media here or complete our Contact Us form here.
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