Panels and Workshops

Hang out with industry pros, talented artists, and fellow fans as we explore the awesome worlds of anime, gaming and fandom, from discussions to interactive Q&A sessions. From cosplay pro tips to behind-the-scenes of being a game dev – don’t miss out on the chance to geek out with like-minded peeps and uncover the coolest stuff in AVCon’s panel line-up.

What Are Panels and How Can I Check them out?

Panels run throughout the AVCon Festival weekend and are both community and industry professionals in a variety of topics. They give attendees a chance to rest throughout the weekend and learn and engage in great discussions, Q&As and presentations. Ranging from funny to serious in tone regarding a variety of anime, gaming, and all things nerdy – there’s a panel for everyone.

We’ll be featuring a few of the panels and workshops being run at AVCon 2023 here on our site as well as spotlighting a few over on our social media in the lead-up to the Festival weekend. A comprehensive list of our panels, including what they’re about, the times they’re running, and where you can catch them, will be published just before the Festival weekend and in our digital event booklet.

Check Out Some OF the Panels Running at AVCon 2023!

This year, we’ve pulled together a range of awesome panellists and cool topics that we can’t wait to show you – check out below a few of the panels featured at AVCon 2023!

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Unleashing the Imagination: Storytelling Across Mediums with Justin Wight and Monkeystack

Justin is the co-founder and CEO of Monkeystack. Established in 2004 in his parent’s rumpus room, Monkeystack has since become an internationally acclaimed South Australian company that employs dozens of artists and developers every year. Justin started his career as an animator and since has grown to direct and produce award-winning animation series, games, films, VR projects and experiential installations. He is dedicated to delivering his clients high-quality, fresh and engaging work, continually striving for new and exciting ways to enhance every project. Justin has recently seen collaborations between Monkeystack and Princess Bento, where he co-produced two seasons of Adult Swim’s YOLO; ‘Crystal Fantasy’ (2020) and ‘Silver Destiny” (2023). In 2021 Justin released his first project to market; a virtual reality documentary ‘Thin Ice VR’, which has gone on to win many prestigious international awards and is currently touring cultural centres and museums across the globe.

Check out Monkeystack’s website!

I’m a Twitch Streamer AMA

Interested in Twitch streaming but not sure where to start?  Want to know what it takes to grow your content?  We sit down with some of South Australia’s top Twitch streamers and quiz them on all things gaming, live streaming, and content creation.  Discover how to start creating online content and rise to the top.

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ASTRO BOY (1986) Voice Cast Q&A

In 2023, the 1980 series of Astro Boy is celebrating 40 years on Australian TVs, entertaining generations of Australians. Take a deep dive behind the scenes of the show, with AVCon’s Astro Boy Q&A panel, featuring voice actors from the series. Hear from the voices of Astro, Uran, Skunk and Daddy Walrus, as they guide you through their time on the show and discuss what they have been up to since. If you were an 80s/90s kid who grew up with the show, or even if you discovered it on DVD, Blu-Ray or streaming, this panel is an entertaining, up close and personal look at the show through the eyes of those who were there.

Bob Gonzalez played Astro’s teacher, Daddy Walrus. He is now an Associate Professor Emeritus from the University of Tampa, where he transadapted, devised, and directed plays and taught courses in theatre and speech since fall 2007. His narrations of poetry and fiction are available on Audible, the Internet Archive, and LibriVox.
Becke Wilenski voiced Uran, Livian and other characters. She does voice over, on-camera and stage work. She also directs and gives Rasaboxes training she helped develop with Richard Schechner at various colleges throughout the US.
Patty Whitely played Astro Boy himself in the 1980s incarnation of the show. A stage actor with a unique voice, Patty continues to perform for live audiences with the Madison Theatre Guide. She recently starred in a production of Moon over Buffalo.
Jay Rath played Astro Boy’s recurring villain, Skunk Kusai. He also voices multiple smaller characters throughout the show. Jay has had an extensive career in the media, working for the Onion, MTV, Disney and more. As a cartoonist, he has contributed to MAD Magazine and Fantagraphics comic books.

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Beyond the stars: Uncovering Astro Boy’s secrets and lost media

What is it like to research an anime series? Find out with Paul Monopoli, as he presents his research on the 1980 series of Astro Boy. Delve into the background behind the series and explore the lost media that has been discovered along the way. If you like to get into the nitty-gritty of one of the most popular anime series ever broadcast on the ABC, then this panel will show you Astro Boy in a completely new light.

✦ Paul Monopoli – Academic Lead at South Australian Institute of Business & Technology