Tabletop Gaming Hall

Whether you’re looking to play a few new board games with friends, jump into a one-shot campaign or check out the latest in the indie scene – the Tabletop Gaming Hall has all things tabletop, board games, trading card games and more!

What is The TableTop Gaming Hall?

The Tabletop Gaming Hall is an area within the AVCon for all things tabletop, including board games, card games, tabletop role-playing games, strategy and tile-based games. Open all weekend long, the Tabletop Gaming Hall includes game free-play, gaming tournaments, tabletop exhibitors, publishers and designers. Whether you bring friends or join a squad of new adventurers – there’s always something to keep you busy in the Tabletop Gaming Hall.

Things to do in the Tabletop Gaming Hall

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the board game library

Grab your friends or join a table for free-play tabletop games and check out a game from the board game library run by our friends at the Adelaide Board Game Group.

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Play test Australian Indie Games

In collaboration with Tabletop Game Designers Australia (TGDA), come play-test and meet the designers of some of the best up-and-coming Australian indie tabletop games.

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Tabletop Tournaments

Keen to show off your incredible tabletop prowess? We run a series of tabletop tournaments over the weekend with great prizes to win. Keep an eye out for when our schedules are released closer to the date!

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Jump into a tabletop role playing oneshot

From Dungeons and Dragons 5E to Vampire: The Masquerade – our AVCon Game Masters will be running oneshot sessions over the weekend for new adventurers to join.