The Guest List

AVCon is proud to host international and local guests every year, whether voice actors, game developers or cosplayer. We pride ourselves on allowing attendees to interact with guests at no extra cost with nominal fees for keepsakes such as hardcopy photos and signed memorabilia. Previous guests have included voice actors, TV personalities, cosplay stars, and gaming developers.


With AVCon 2023 quickly approaching, we’re excited to start announcing some of the great international and local guests we have lined up! To make sure you find out the latest guest news, keep an eye out on our social media! Now onto the guest announcements so far…drum roll, please!

Lisle Wilkerson

Lisle Wilkerson grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She is fluent in Japanese and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. She is the voice behind such video game powerhouse female fighters such as TEKKEN (Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro), VIRTUA FIGHTER (Sarah Bryant), as well as Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, UltraMan, and even Hello Kitty’s BFF, Bad Badtz Maru!

As a media correspondent, Lisle has worked as a main correspondent for many of Hollywood’s biggest events, such as the Grammys, the Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, and the Emmys. one of NHK’s most popular shows, “TOKYO EYE”, she is also doing reporting for several Japanese tv and radio shows, including the popular NHK TOKYO EYE.

Lisle’s big screen acting debut was in the Academy Award-winning film, “Lost in Translation”, with Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannson, and she also played a major role in the indie award-winning film “Kamataki”. And she has won several awards for her Japanese voice acting in the Canadian short film, “Team Teenettes”.

Lisle does bilingual event MCing and interpreting, and handled the world premiere screening event of Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name”, as well as working with many iconic Japanese guests over the years…such as Love Live Aquos, Evangelion’s Yoko Takahashi, Masako Nozawa (voice of Goku from “DBZ”), Toshio Furukawa (voice of Piccolo from “DBZ”) and Junko Takeuchi (voice of Naruto) and many others.

She also does interpreting/cultural consulting for many US companies, including Space X, SONY @ SxSW, Adobe, the Ladies US Open, etc.

Lisle’s latest passion is her new podcast, “Adventures of a Blonde Geisha”, where she talks about her experiences growing up and working in Japan as well as has guests on the show to talk about everything from growing up a TCK (third culture kid) to voice acting to working in the entertainment biz.

Hiroshi Nagahama

Hiroshi Nagahama, the recipient of the 11th Animation Kobe Individual Award, is a distinguished anime director and animator born in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture, in 1970. He has directed many popular anime series, including “Mushishi”, “Fruits Basket,” and “Detroit Metal City,” and was the joint original project director with the legendary late Stan Lee for “THE REFLECTION.”

Hiroshi’s extensive experience in the anime industry also includes serving as a storyboard artist and animator for “X-Men” and storyboard artist for “Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias,” as well as being in charge of the concept design for “Revolutionary Girl Utena”. Additionally, he is currently working as a director for the upcoming animated adaptation of Junji Ito’s popular manga, “Uzumaki”.

Guests at AVCon

With just a ticket to AVCon, attendees are able to access a whole variety of guest experiences without any additional costs. Check out below to see how AVCon does guests!

Guest Panels and Workshops

More than just your average panel, these are run by AVCon’s special guests. The panels can be a general discussion about the guest’s career or a workshop aimed at a particular skill, including voice acting, animation, cosplay and game development. If you are interested in the guest(s), why not sit in and enjoy their fantastic tales of life experience or be a part of the end-of-panel Q&As?

Closer to the date, scheduling for panels will be live on our website and social media! In the meantime, check out the Team AVCon Youtube channel for previous guest interviews and panels!

Guest Photography & Signings

Some of our select guests offer photography and signing sessions! AVCon offers a complimentary photography service where digital photos are free of charge and accessible via our Facebook page after the festival weekend. High-quality prints are available for a small fee on the day.

Check out our Facebook albums are previous years’ guest photos!

Guest Archives

AVCon first started hosting guests in 2011 – since then, every AVCon has featured a wide array of international and local guests, from cosplayers, game designers, voice actors, and even TV hosts! Check them out below!

2019Paul St. Peter, D.C. Douglas, SFX Images, Steamkittens
2018Major Sam Cosplay, Beke Cosplay, Vera Chimera, Knitemaya, Spike Spencer, Neil Kaplan
2017Jen Taylor, Steve Downes, Quinton Flynn, Chris Pope
2016Good Game, Caitlin Glass
2015Jennifer Hale, Yaya Han, Eve Beauregard
2014Jon St. John, Cherami Leigh, Chris Avellone
2013Jessica Nigri, Chris Cason, Spike Spencer
2012Cassandra Lee, Crispin Freeman
2011Little Kuriboh, Ryan Lappin (Cheese TV), Jade Gatt (Cheese TV)

Suggest a Guest

We’re always keen to hear your anime, video game and Japanese culture guest suggestions – let us know below who would like to see at a future AVCon!