Become a Cosplay Ambassador

Cosplay is a big part of AVCon, and this year, we’re looking for several Cosplay Ambassadors to help raise the profile of cosplay and engage directly with other cosplayers through panels and our channels. They have shared their skills, knowledge, and support with cosplayers and are a driving force for positivity within the cosplay community. Learn more about becoming a Cosplay Ambassador below!

What Is The Cosplay Ambassador Program?

This year AVCon is bringing in a new way for our fantastic community to work with us. The cosplay community works best when it has the support of experts, and we consider the ambassador program to be a place to highlight these individuals! To be an ambassador for AVCon, you will need to be excitable, engaging and ready to mentor the next level of cosplay legends. 

This role focuses on creating a touchstone for people wanting to cosplay, have started and are looking for guidance or just need some new inspiration. As a cosplay ambassador, you will be the leading link into this world of cosplay. Your responsibilities will be focused on encouraging the spirit of cosplay to AVCon attendees and fostering a healthy and thriving convention environment.

What to expect

As an Ambassador, your role will start even before the convention begins! The hype is just as important to the event as the weekend itself! You will be the linking bridge between AVCon’s organisation and the attendees.

  • You will be featured in a cosplay panel that focuses on what you do, how you do it and why you dedicate your time to it! We want to showcase how much time and effort you put into your work and inspire others who also want to create the lifestyle you have strived to achieve.
  • You will share and promote AVCon’s socials, news and the weekend highlights that you experience in your travels during the convention. We will ask you to tag our social media and create content such as reels, stories and posts featuring AVCon events and panels. This is to help share what AVCon is about and let our attendees know where the fun is and how to get involved!
  • You may be part of AVCon’s public interviews and sponsorship photos over the weekend for our cosplay affiliates and promotions.

As A Thank You

Your work will make AVCon an amazing place for your fellow cosplayers, and in return for your hard work, we want to reward you with the following.

  • A full Media Pass to AVCon will cover your weekend attendance and get you into the convention at no extra cost!
  • Your cosplay work and socials will be attached to all the work you do and will be shared on our social media. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost your presence in the cosplay community and network with fellow creators. The bigger the effort into this opportunity, the more you will get out of it, and we want to make this an amazing experience for you as part of our team!

This opportunity is open to cosplayers who really want to involve themselves in the cosplay community and make a difference to those who want to start this incredible craft. If you have any extra skills or experience with hosting, interviewing or journalism, content creation or public speaking, please let us know! These roles will be decided on by your application and suitability for the role.                                                                          

Applications for this opportunity are now closed. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact [email protected].