We’re excited to announce online ticket registration for the AVCon 2023 Festival will open on December 14th 2023. Check out the available tickets below.

Register for AVCon 2023 Tickets

Attendees must have a valid AVCon 2023 pass to access all areas of the convention.

AVCon 2023 Ticketing Terms and Conditions

  • Ticket pricing has been calculated based on several factors, including but not limited to venue costs, full-priced ticket sales from previous years and breakeven points.
  • Children 10 and under can enter AVCon 2023 at no charge if accompanied by a ticket holder. Attendees can add a children’s pass to their order. Maximum 2 free child passes per paid ticket.
  • Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged except as required by law.
  • AVCon tickets guarantee entrance into the AVCon 2023 festival but do not guarantee advertised guests, artists, or programs.
  • AVCon reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule, or substitute guests or artists and/or vary advertised programs at any point. Any addition, withdrawal, rescheduling or substitution of guests or artists and/or any variation to advertised programs will not entitle a ticket purchaser to a refund.
  • AVCon may refuse entry if tickets are damaged, defaced in any way or are not purchased from AVCon or other authorised points of sale.
  • AVCon tickets may not be resold, except with the written consent of AVCon. If a sold ticket breaches this condition, AVCon may cancel the ticket without a refund. The bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.
  • All prices quoted include the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • If your tickets are lost or stolen, you must produce proof of original purchase, and ticket number before a ticket will be reissued.
  • If payment for a ticket is reversed by chargeback or another mechanism, the tickets purchased may be invalidated. The ticket purchaser and associated ticket holders may be barred from future events.
  • AVCon accepts Companion Cards.
  • Attendees can find AVCon’s Code of Conduct on our website here. By entering AVCon, you agree to the AVCon Code of Conduct.
  • Inquiries or complaints: if you have a question or complaint, please contact us at [email protected].

AVCon 2023 Ticketing FAQs

If you have any questions regarding ticketing, feel free to read through our Ticketing FAQs available on our Frequently Asked Questions web page or reach out to us at [email protected].