Cirque du Cosplay

AVCon After Dark be capped off by the amazing Starling Strix, who will take over the Main Stage for a star-studded lineup in ‘Cirque Du Cosplay, ’ a 90-minute extravaganza of skill and sex appeal featuring 12 performers covering pole dancing, burlesque and fire twirling with a nerdy twist! A feast for the senses, Cirque Du Cosplay, will feature a cavalcade of local and interstate acts performing stunningly sexy and comedically captivating routines featuring characters from God of War to Jujutsu Kaisen. Burlesque, pole dancing, circus (including fire twirling) and lyrapole acts with some of the most skilled performers Australia has to offer!

Tickets can be purchased in advance through Eventbrite or at the door on the night of the event. If you’re an existing AVCon 2024 ticketholder, you can grab a $5 discount on your ticket! Please note this is an 18+ event!

The Star-Studded Lineup!

Starling Strix (they/them)

What do you get when you combine 17 years of cosplay, 8 years of pole dance, and a neverending desire to embarrass themselves on stage? Surprise, it’s Starling Strix!

Starling combines their experience in pole and cosplay with aerials, exotic dance, burlesque, and any other style of dance they have time to train in, all to bring your favourite pop culture characters to life on stage. Originally from the East Coast, Starling is now an Adelaide local, bringing their unique brand of performance to South Aussie stages. From slinky exotic dance to childhood-ruining comedy acts, Starling can–and will–do it all, as long as they get to wear a fancy costume.

Check out Starling Strix’s Instagram


Diana Divine (they/she)

Divine by name, but a little more nuanced by nature, our next performer is a charming chimera of brains, beauty and big ol’ boobies. Mentees call them Uncle Di, and strangers in the supermarket call them a faker. As long as you don’t call them late to tech, Diana Divine is just happy to be here.

Gifted with a love of performance and total lack of dance skill, Diana is the current Mx Burlesque Adelaide. Winner of multiple Adelaide Fringe Awards (Emerging Artist 2022, Best Cabaret (weekly) 2019, 2023) for their work as a cabaret producer and performer, Diana’s camp characterisation and storytelling shines through in every act.

Diana is the producer of The Justass League, a local nerdy burlesque troupe known for their comedic narrative and character-focused cabarets. Di is currently on their second playthrough of Baldurs Gate 3 and still can’t bring themself to pick the mean dialogue.

Prepare yourself for sauciness, silliness, and a sucker punch of sarcasm when Diana Divine takes the stage.

Check out Diana Divine’s Instagram


Kali Savill (she/her)

Introducing Kali Savill, the incredible fire manipulation artist known as Kraken Fire! Through her exceptional skill, artistic expression, and musicality, Kali has become a recognized name in the entertainment sector. Kali’s performances are all about empowering feminine energy all while showcasing daring and thrilling stunts. Her expertise lies in handling challenging apparatus such as Fire Staves, Fans, Whips as well as Fire Eating.

Check out Kali Savill’s Instagram

Fawn Phoenix (she/her)

A true emblem of renewal and revival, Colorado native Fawn Phoenix sets audiences’ hearts ablaze both down under and around the globe. Known for her extreme versatility and energetic shows, Fawn is no stranger to the stage.

Boasting top titles including 2024 Miss Exotic World, World Pole Dance Champion 2024, 2x Winner of Miss Lyra SA (2021 & 2022) & National 1st RU, along with 5x MN Australia titles including 2x Australian Pole Dance Champion (2022 & 2023), she is a proven professional at artistically merging her 15+ years in the acro, dance, pole, fire, showgirl and aerial arts.

She is currently a resident showgirl, fire artist and aerialist at Adelaide’s top venues and productions, with occasional performances interstate and in America. Alongside performing, Fawn dedicates herself to nurturing the next generation of artists through training, mentoring, podcasting and producing under her company, Rising Phoenix.

Fawn aspires to do more than just kindle a spark of excitement—she aims to unleash the blazing phoenix within each and every one of us.

Check out Fawn Phoenix’s Instagram


Sarah Zaglia (she/her)

Embarking on her aerial journey four years ago, Sarah has honed her skills across various apparatuses, including aerial hoop, silks and straps. She currently is an aerial coach at The Pole Boutique and has a passion for performing nerdy routines. A keen competitor, Sarah won first place at Aerial Slay It in 2022 with a Cruella De Vil hoop routine, third place at La Folie Nationals 2023 in Elite hoop, and fifth place at Bend The Air Nationals 2023, both with her iconic Assassin’s Creed Valhalla routine.

With a foundation in dance, Sarah integrates rhythmic and expressive movements into her performances, crafting a unique and mesmerizing fusion.

Check out Sarah Zaglia’s Instagram


Duchess De Vil (she/her)

Delight and indulge with Duchess De Vil! The Pokémon obsessed, lavender menace who will do anything but put you to sleep!

After making her solo debut in 2022, this aristocratic beauty has soared to society heights, entertaining the crowds with her blend of classic comedy. Having performed in such shows as The Vintage Showgirl, The Cinematic Sinners and WAPS, this spooky socialite will leave you hypnotized!

Are you ready for a trip to Lavender Town? It’s The Duchess De Vil!

Check out Duchess De Vil’s Instagram


Daphne Delphine (she/her)

She’s the sensual and seductive Ice Queen you can’t live without, it’s Daphne Delphine.

Daphne Delphine is a fierce performer who has been on the stage her whole life, showing off her many talents as an ice skater, aerialist, acrobat, pole dancer and burlesque dancer. No stranger to seduction, she was the winner of MNA 2022 and won AAPC’s Burlesque Apprentice 2023 in her first appearance in the burlesque scene.

Daphne Delphine forms one half of the desirable Duo Dauntless and is the co-founder of Agent Pickle Productions; a production company that aims to provide inclusive opportunities and support for new and established performers in cabaret, film and theatre.

Daphne captivates and intrigues with her seductive bubbly demeanour on the stage; this is one girl you want to keep your eyes out for.

Check out Daphne Delphine’s Instagram


Phoebe Ophidia (she/her)

The Seductress of slow burn and intensity with a dark feminine rising. Phoebe Ophidia encapsulates the divine to bring you a reflection of your innermost desires.

When Phoebe plays GTA, she likes to steal the taxis, deliver passengers to their destinations and abide by the speed limit, so she’s not a huge gamer. However, through the many, MANY hours of rhinestoning that comes with being a performer, she’s turned to rewatching classic movie franchises over and over to spot all the hidden Easter eggs and sound cool and smart in front of her geekier friends.

“She’s as cute as a button and is endearingly sweet… plus, she’s not afraid to get a little risque.” With her fusion of flow arts and burlesque, and her spicy Pisces charm, Phoebe Ophidia is a powerhouse you won’t be able to resist!

Check out Phoebe Ophidia’s Instagram


Lize (She/her)

After falling in love with Naruto at the age of 8, it was a no-brainer that Lize would eventually discover just how big the world of anime was.

From binge watching her weekends away, to studying Japanese, to hosting at AVCon, she’s now stepping into the world of cosplay and isn’t looking back.

When she’s not geeking out over the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, you can typically find her 2-4 metres off the ground up a brass pole.

Check out Lize’s Instagram


Lil Miss Mini (she/her)

Lil Miss Mini is the bite sized gal ready to snack on at any time. Coming all the way from cheese town in NSW, this frisky and flirty four feet of fury is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Winning multiple crowns in the pinup world for her Geekobilly style and taking the title of Apprentease ACT for 2023, she’s no stranger to character draglesque.

She’s sweet, she’s sassy and she’s soooo spice!

Check out Lil Miss Mini’s Instagram


Duke Draper (they/them)

Duke Draper might not be the brightest, but baby, they sure are a star! This obvious ex-theatre kid has been deeply obsessed with the Fallout series since it was released on console and has put almost as many hours into playing the games as they have into personally cursing Todd Howard. Performing at AVCon After Dark instead of starting yet another stealth archer playthrough, Duke puts the camp ridiculous into the queer sublime, INT as their dump stat, and all of their skill points into Charisma. This himbo/bimbo combo may make you question their gender, your sexuality, and whether or not their butt tattoo can now be considered official Bethesda canon.

Check out Duke Draper’s Instagram

Trixie Orsum (he/him)

Trixie Orsum is a versatile entertainer known for his playful skills as a circus and fire performer. With a flair for prop manipulation, he captivates audiences with dazzling displays. Beyond performances, Trixie showcases creativity as a custom prop builder.

Check out Trixie Orsum’s Instagram

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