AMV Competition

An AMV, or Anime Music Video, is a creative video montage made by fans using footage from anime series or movies set to music, typically songs or soundtracks. These videos often feature clips carefully selected to match the music’s rhythm, lyrics, or mood, creating a dynamic and visually engaging experience. AMVs can range from action-packed sequences showcasing epic battles to emotional montages highlighting character relationships or themes.

Our AMV competition is returning this year, and we’re so excited to see what our attendees create! All AMV applications and winners will be showcased at the festival over the weekend! Learn more about the rules and how to apply here!

Want to have a shot at our Pre-Drawn or Fan Fiction Competition as well? Click here to learn more about those competitions!

Application Information and Key Dates

Applications are now open for the AVCon 2024 AMV Competition! Participation in the AVCon 2024 AMV Competition is via pre-registration only!

The winner of the AMV Competition will take home a $200 cash prize!!

If you have any questions about the AMV competition, your AMV, or the application, feel free to email us at!

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