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Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume and play. Dressing up as your favourite character is a great way to show love and enhance your experience at an event. If you want to take it one step further and put your crafting skills to the test, AVCon presents the 2024 Cosplay Competition!

For the AVCon 2024 Cosplay Competition, you may dress up as your favourite character from any franchise, be it from an anime, video game, fantasy novel, sci-fi movie or even your own unique creation! In each potential category, cosplayers will get the chance to go on stage and present their work to a packed house of cosplay fans and be judged by our special guest judges, with plenty of awesome prizes on offer.

This year, AVCon will feature multiple divisions to cater to all experience levels of cosplayers. Each will have different requirements and is meant to allow anyone of any skill or experience level to be part of AVCon and learn about the aspects of higher-level cosplay competitions as they go.

Please note: All contestants in all AVCon divisions must be 15+ years of age on or before June 29, 2024. Any cosplayer younger than that is welcome to apply for the Kids Cosplay Competition – applications open here!

Want to showcase your cosplay without the competition? Check out our Cosplay Parade, which runs on Saturday and Sunday of the weekend!


For every division, the applicant will go on stage to show their costume off to the audience for a maximum of 2 minutes. For those looking to add an acting element to their work, we have a skit category. All skit content and dialogue must be rated as family-friendly (no swearing, no adult themes). All skits must have the basic premise and dialogue vetted before the performance. Cosplayers can only be part of one division, so please read through the descriptions and requirements of the divisions below and make your choice based on your skill level, experience, and the costumes you plan to wear for the AVCon weekend!

Not sure about what division you fit in? Feel free to send us a message at!

Application Information and Key Dates

Applications are now open for the AVCon 2024 Cosplay Competition. Participation in the AVCon 2024 Cosplay Competition is via pre-registration only!

If you have any questions about your cosplay, the cosplay competition or the application – feel free to send us a message at!

Apply For the Cosplay Competition

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