Kids Cosplay Competition

Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume and play. Dressing up as your favourite character is a great way to show love and enhance your experience at an event. Cosplay is an all-ages celebration, and it’s a fun way to express your love of a show or a game in your own creative way!

AVCon presents the 2024 Kids Cosplay Competition, which encourages kids to be involved in a less serious and competitive display of their costumes. This experience focuses on building confidence in young cosplayers and inviting a space to conquer performing on stage and support future exploration in this craft! We have opened this cosplay to both homemade and bought costumes – please see the rules below for further information!

If you have any questions regarding the Kids Cosplay Competition, please reach out to!

Please note: All contestants in the Kids Cosplay Competition must be under the age of 15. Any cosplayer older than that is welcome to apply for the AVCon Cosplay Competition, which is open for applications here!

How is the Kids Cosplay Competition Judged?

The Kids Cosplay Competition has less intense judging criteria than the AVCon Cosplay Competition. Cosplays are judged on two main categories: cosplay costuming and stage presence.

Cosplay costuming measures the quality of the cosplay. This factors in things like how well the costume fits the cosplayer, how accurate it is to the character it is representing and the type of materials used for its creation. We encourage all budding cosplayers to have a go at making their own costume!

Stage presence is marked by how well the contestant embodies their chosen character. The audience should be able to tell the character’s personality traits, and signature moves from how they performed on stage. Confidence is key to an amazing performance!

Every contestant who braves the stage will receive a participation medal to congratulate them! For those looking to take out the bigger awards, there are trophies up for grabs! The Judge’s Award is given to the cosplayers who stand out in the crowd. There will be more than one of these, depending on the number of applicants.

Application Information and Key Dates

Applications are now open for the AVCon 2024 Kids Cosplay Competition. Applicants can also sign-up on the day of the Festival at the Information Desk!

If you have any questions about your cosplay, the Kids Cosplay Competition, or the application, feel free to email us at!

Apply For the Cosplay Competition

Please either complete the form below or click here to jump to the Google Form (this will open in a new tab and redirect you to Google Forms).

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