The InkTaku Alley

Infinite Worlds Tattoo is the premier destination for pop culture and anime fans in Adelaide. This inclusive studio is a place where you can get your anime tattoos and be sure you are getting inked by someone who loves it just as much as you do!

At AVCon, Infinite Worlds Tattoo is proud to present the InkTaku Alley, a unique space showcasing an impressive collective of talented artists from not only their studio but also from around Adelaide as well as some interstate artists. This dedicated area is a must-visit for fans of pop culture, anime, and tattoos. During the day, explore the incredible artwork and get inked by some of the best in the industry.

But that’s not all! As the sun sets and AVCon After Dark takes over, the InkTaku Alley transforms into a haven for those seeking something a little more risqué. Prepare to be tantalised by a stunning array of NSFW tattoo designs, from lewds to noods, that will be sure to impress your friends and disappoint your parents!

Step into the Infinite Worlds Tattoo’s InkTaku Alley at AVCon and discover a world of creativity, artistry, and self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, this is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Featured Tattooists

Paul Briske

Paul Briske, owner of Infinite Worlds Tattoo, has been tattooing for nearly a decade, focusing on pop culture, anime, and portraits. He takes pride in his attention to detail. His portfolio features a range of designs, from anime characters to portraits and pop culture icons! At Infinite Worlds Tattoo, Paul has aimed to provide a comfortable and creative environment for his clients from all walks of life.

Check out Paul’s Instagram | TikTok | Website

Kyren “Hawk-ky” Tanner

Kyren, more commonly called ‘Hawk-ky’ at the studio, specialises in tattooing cartoonish designs. Utilising American Traditional, Neo-Traditional and “New Skool” art styles he puts his own spin on existing pop culture themes as well as creating his own unique creations!

Check out Kyren’s Instagram | Facebook

Avery “Matte Bat” Andruszkiewicz

Avery, often known by his artist handle, Matte Bat, is a 2nd year apprentice currently at Infinite Worlds Tattoo! While being a tattooist wasn’t always the goal, they fell in love with the craft very quickly, and now can’t imagine doing anything else. She loves using bright colours, and jumps at any chance to flex his illustrative style. Never one to shy away from a challenge, they’re always super keen to bring your tattoo dreams to life!

Check out Avery’s Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Antonio Oliviera

Antonio is our very own cool kid from the 90’s, addicted to anime and pop culture. HIs favourite style to tattoo are his trademark sketchy style, bright watercolour, and large full colour pieces. He’s also super keen to work on any Pokémon, Ghibli or Star Wars related tattoos!

Check out Antonio’s Instagram | Facebook

May Cat

Some of May Cat’s favourite things to tattoo are manga panels, anime/videogame characters, cute animals, cottagecore imagery and florals! She mainly specialises in Neo-traditional, illustrative and black and grey stipple tattoos. She’s completely in her element when she’s tattooing, especially when she can use markers for freehand designs, drawing up beautiful pieces that flow and work with the body!

Check out May Cat’s Instagram | Facebook | Website

Nathan (Painstickers)

Nathan, also known as ‘Painstiickers’, is a tattoo artist at Infinite Worlds Tattoo and Design. They enjoy tattooing anything bright and colourful, with a special interest in neotraditional and anime/video games.

You can find more of their work on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook, and make a booking through those socials too!

Check out Nathan’s Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Jen Urchin

Jenny has a wide range of styles and does a whole lot of custom designs. Weird and wonderful are the most welcome! Her favourite themes include anime, creepy and cute, colour, illustrative, surrealism, nature, video games, and more! She’s not one to shy from a challenge, so give her all your wacky ideas (and yes, that includes cover ups). If you want to make a booking, shoot her a message on Instagram, or you can check out portfolio there too!

Check out Jen’s Instagram | Facebook

Tom G

Tom G has been tattooing for close to 4 years, and comes from almost 15 years creative industry experience. Owner of the newly opened studio Neon Pineapple Tattoo, Tom specialises in full colour character pieces, pinups, lewds, horror and more!

Check out Tom’s Instagram | Facebook


A self-proclaimed Pokémon master, Despi Cat (they/them) is in their seventh year of tattooing, and currently works at Birds of Prey Tattoo in Hindmarsh.

Despi loves tattooing a bit of everything, and specialises in anime/pop culture, neo traditional and illustrative styles. They find the inspiration for their art from animals, plants, shiny collectables and colourful things that bring them joy in life.

When Despi isn’t tattooing or drawing, they spend time looking after their garden, organising their Pokémon card collection, teaching their cat tricks and chewing up their phone battery on Pokémon Go.

Check out Despi’s Instagram


Emma is a tattooer with 10 years experience, and she owns and works out of Hello Stranger Tattoo in Rockhampton Queensland. An incredibly skilled artist, she even took home the award for the best fine-line tattoo at last year’s Brisbane Tattoo Expo! 

She specialises in anime, blackwork and fine-line design, with a special focus on the risqué (perfect for AvCon After Dark).

Check out Emma’s Instagram | Shop


Baltazar is an apprentice tattoo artist currently working at Hello Stranger Tattoo in Rockhampton, Queensland! He’s always excited to work on a variety of designs and styles, with a focus on anime and cartoon designs. He loves bringing people’s ideas to life, and really enjoys the creative process of tattooing, from the sketch to the final piece!

Check out Baltazar’s Instagram

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