AVCon is proud to host international and local guests every year, whether voice actors, game developers or cosplayers. Previous guests have included voice actors, TV personalities, cosplay stars, and gaming developers.

Guest Lineup

avcon2024 BABYBEARD

BABYBEARD ✦ Japanese Idol Group

Babybeard is coming to Adelaide! AVCon 2024 will bring their electrifying performances and infectious energy in the Adelaide leg of their Adorable Assault on Australia tour. Made up of Adelaide icon Ladybeard and talented performers Suzu and Mahri. Babybeard’s sound is the perfect mix of pop and metal…and the raw power of the beard!

Get ready to headbang as they bring their pop-metal blend of music and mischief to the AVCon stage with their full live show!

Stay tuned for schedule details for Babybeard’s concert, autograph and meet and greet sessions, and Q&A panel!

Check out Babybeard’s Youtube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

avcon guests bryce

Bryce PapenBrook ✦ Voice Actor

Bryce is an internationally renowned voice actor who has performed in numerous video games, cartoons, and television shows. Notable roles include Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan, Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer, Kirito in Sword Art Online and Adrien, aka Cat Noir, in Miraculous Ladybug, among many, many others!

Bryce is a native of California, USA, and has been a professional voice-over artist since the age of eight. He was introduced to the voice acting scene by his father, Bob Papenbrook, and has continued the trade in his footsteps.

Stay tuned for schedule details for Bryce’s autograph and meet and greet sessions, and Q&A panel!

Check out Bryce’s Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Dokibird ✦ Vtuber

Hailing from Canada, Dokibird shot to prominence as an independent vtuber and is known for playing first-person shooters, her tournament performances around the world, the iconic laugh and winning personality.

Stay tuned for schedule details for Dokibird’s performance, meet and greet sessions, and panels!

Check out Dokibird’s Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

paida 1

PAiDA ✦ Pop Idol

From beyond the stars, AVCon welcomes as part of the Babybeard Adorable Assault on Australia Tour – Galaxy Girl PAiDA!

“Space City Idol” PAiDA is a Dystopian Pop artist with a J-pop flair from Houston, Texas. In a few short years, she has grown from covering J-pop songs online at home to performing her own original songs all around the world (check out Secret Moon here). PAiDA mixes her bubbly lyrics with high-energy tracks, all the while proving that the path to becoming a J-pop idol isn’t limited to anyone or anything!

PAiDA will perform live at AVCon on Saturday and host a panel on Sunday about her journey to becoming a Kaigai (overseas) idol and how you can become one yourself!

Stay tuned for schedule details for PAiDA’s performance and panels!

Check out PAiDA’s Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | TikTok

Lets Roll for Dragons Group Shot SFX

Let’s Roll For Dragons ✦ Chaotic D&D Twitch Stream

Let’s Roll for Dragons is an exciting and chaotic RPG Twitch stream based in Melbourne, featuring adventurers from across the continent. We specialise in thrilling D&D sessions where a dragon encounter is just a roll of the dice away. We bring our characters to life through immersive cosplay, fully engaging with the fantastical worlds we inhabit during our games. Join us for epic quests and dragon-slaying adventures!

Stay tuned for schedule details for Let’s Roll For Dragons panels and RPG sessions!

SFX by Nikolaos Floros.

Check out Let’s Roll For Dragons’ Twitch | Instagram

avconguest whereisdanielle

WhereisDanielle ✦ Cosplayer

Whereisdanielle (she/they) was initially drawn into cosplay by a love of Sci-Fi and fantasy and a general love of creating things.

“I began with no prior trained skills in crafting or sewing, and learned through trial and error, with a side of stubbornness. I’ve now been cosplaying for 10 years, and have been lucky enough to travel the country to appear at events, judge competitions, and teach people how to get started in cosplay, as well as working with big gaming companies like Bungie, Blizzard, Ubisoft and Epic Games to promote their games with my cosplays. When I’m not actually in cosplay you can find me drowning under a pile of EVA foam scraps and half finished costumes planning my next project.”

You can find Whereisdanielle in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Check out Whereisdanielle’s Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Twitch

avconguest rowenberry

Rowenberry ✦ Cosplayer

Rowenberry Cosplay is a self-taught costumer originally from Melbourne, but currently based in Sydney. She has been cosplaying for over 8 years, and loves competing in cosplay competitions.

Her passion is historical costuming and corsetry, so you’ll often find her incorporating corsets or historical elements in her costumes. Also to note: she strongly believes that there is no such thing as too many rhinestones. She believes that cosplay is for everyone and encourages those who are on the fence about competing to just give it a go and have fun.

Rowenberry is thrilled to be coming to AVCon this year. They can’t wait to see everyone’s incredible cosplays, and look forward to judging a fabulous cosplay competition.

You can find Rowenberry in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Photo by Castleforge Photography.

Check out Rowenberry’s Instagram | Tiktok

Web 47

Zaphy Cosplay ✦ Cosplayer

Zaphy is reaching ancient eldritch being status in the cosplay community, having been creating and dressing up in the Australian scene for over 15 years.

She remembers the dark ages when party satin was the only available material, was present at the rise and fall of Worbla, and has mastered the mystical arts of 3D printing.

She has created pieces for companies such as Riot Games and Wizards of the Coast for both local and international events and is passionate about making impossible things. Day to day she works as an additive manufacturing technician and plays with some very big industrial 3D printers for work.

Cosplay wise, she is known for big swords, wings, glowing weapons and regrets. When she’s not 3D modelling or making things, Zaphy plays a LOT of TTPRGS, creates D&D-themed candles and hangs out with her 3 cats.

You can find Zaphy Cosplay in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Photo by Charlotte Nicholson Photography.

Check out Zaphy Cosplay’s Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

GrizzlyGhoul by jarodburns

GrizzlyGhoul ✦ Cosplayer

GrizzlyGhoul is a self-taught cosmaker and artist based in Melbourne. Their love of cosplay started all the way back in 2013. However, about 5 years ago, they started to seriously hone in their skills.

She is passionate about speccing out her cosplay skill tree and sees a new material or technique as a challenge to conquer. On a whim, they gave leather working a go, and now you’ll be hard pressed to find one of their builds without it. She loves to participate in cosplay competitions and feels she learns so much from her very talented peers!

You can find GrizzlyGhoul in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Photo by Jarod Burns.

Check out GrizzlyGhoul’s Instagram | Twitter | Tiktok

Shadinski Cosplay ODST CastleForge Photography

Shadinski ✦ Cosplayer

Shadinski is a Melbourne-based cosplayer with 9 years of experience in armour building and prop making. Being a specialist in all things EVA foam his prop work is intricate, functional and all around impressive. He loves the handcrafted aspect of cosplay making while challenging himself and always has a bigger build up his sleeve. Don’t miss his exclusive debut cosplay for AVCon this year!

You can find Shadinski in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Photo by Castleforge Photography.

Check out Shadinski’s Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


CozyRozyCosplay ✦ Cosplayer

Rosie is relatively new to the cosplay scene, only diving into the hobby in her late 20s as a creative reprieve from her day-to-day job as a medical researcher.

Rosie enjoys taking her time to make each piece of a cosplay as robustly as possible and as close to something that could hold up to being worn day-to-day.

She has the most experience as a self-taught sewist but has delved into 3D printing and foam smithing. She especially enjoys the technical challenge of pattern-making and has recently become obsessed with beading and Tambour embroidery.

You can find CozyRozyCosplay in the AVCon Cosplay Corner all weekend in between cosplay events!

Photo by MarkMadeVisuals.

Check out CozyRozyCosplay’s Instagram

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