Ichigo Ke-ki Maid Cafe

MOE MOE KYUUUN!~ AVCon is excited to announce the return of another old favourite: The Ichigo Ke-Ki Maid Cafe – Presented by Dream☆Sweet! The maid cafe is a unique piece of Japanese culture and an anime convention staple. Grab a coffee or a piece of cake, and you can choose to engage an adorable Maid or Butler to have them cast a kawaii magic spell, engage them in fun games or watch their ultra-cute dance performances!

Learn more below about what Ichigo Ke-ki Maid Cafe is all about, including how you can get involved!

いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to The Ichigo Ke-ki Maid Cafe!

Inspired by the traditional maid and butler cafes of Akihabara – Ichigo Ke-ki Maid Cafe is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all ages! Serving yummy desserts and hot drinks – attendees can choose if they would like a magic spell cast (which makes the food tastier!) by the lovely maids and butlers!

Entry into the Ichigo Ke-Kei Maid Cafe is free and will be available all day, both Saturday and Sunday!

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Become a Maid or Butler

Dream☆Sweet is looking for volunteers to join their super sweet community for AVCon and beyond. Look cute, gain confidence and find amazing friends!

To apply, check out their application form here or complete it below!

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