Epic Side Quest LARP Game

Epic Armoury vector Australia WEB

Head to the Epic Side Quest Guild Hall in the Exhibitor Area at Booth 14 to take up a tabard and play the Epic Side Quest LARP game over all AVCon 2024 weekend! Brought to you by Epic Armoury Australia!

With your tabard and foam sword equipped, you can find NPCs and participating exhibitors and artists by their big red foam ‘!’ and pick-up quests that will reward you in real gold coins! These coins can be used to buy new and better gear, special items or even points for your Sports Festival Team!!

But beware, as a player, you might find yourself being challenged to battle!

If you want to turn your AVCon weekend into an Epic Side Quest, check out the Epic Side Quest Guildhall at Booth 14 ASAP!

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