AVCon Auction

Still have money to burn at the end of the weekend? Or just want to see the crazy things that get sold for way too much money? The AVCon Auction helps close out the AVCon Festival weekend on Sundays. Check out more information below!

What is The AVCon Auction?

The AVCon Auction is one of our final weekend events that run on Sunday to help close out the Festival weekend. Items are kindly donated by our sponsors, guests, exhibitors and artists and then go up for auction to a live audience. The proceeds from the auction go straight back into the next Festival weekend.

You don’t have to buy anything to have fun at the auction, as AVCon has a history of crazy items selling for unexpected amounts! The event is also recorded and posted to our social media channels so folks at home can tune into the madness. We highly recommend checking out some of our previous auctions below to see what they’re all about!

Previous AVCon Auctions

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