Video Games

Video Games are in our name, so you bet we’re running a whole bunch of video game content for all types of gamers all weekend! Whether you want to show off your skills in a tournament, looking to chill with friends over a couch co-op game or check out the latest up-and-coming games from local devs – check out all the video game content running below at AVCon 2024!

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Console Freeplay

Nestled within our video game section, you’ll find the console free-play area, a hotspot for gamers looking to get their game on. Equipped with the latest console equipment, such as PS5, PSVR, and Xbox Series X, it’s the perfect spot for solo players and groups looking for fun. Driving, fighting, adventuring, or shooting this is where the gamers come to play!

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Console Tournaments

Get ready to test your skills and claim glory in AVCon’s console tournaments! Whether you’re a master of fighting games, a strategic genius in multiplayer shooters, or a platforming prodigy, there’s a tournament for you.

Major tournaments include Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate – all with cash prizes!

Sign up for tournaments now or on the day at the Tournament Registration Table. Take your best shot to prove your gaming prowess and seize your moment in the spotlight.

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Ultimate Gamer

Gear up for AVCon 2024’s Ultimate Gamer, where your gaming power is put to the ultimate test!

Make your way to the Ultimate Gamer arena during Saturday, 29th of June, and enter the qualifier rounds by tackling the tasks and challenges presented in our gargantuan gauntlet of games. From speedy runs to precision plays, the qualifiers will push competitors to their limits.

Those who successfully complete the qualifiers will advance to the head-to-head showdown on Sunday 30th of June. Take to the stage during the Ultimate Gamer finals, the highest stakes and fiercest competitions. Only one can emerge victorious and claim the title of AVCon 2024’s Ultimate Gamer!!

Only now emerge victorious and claim the title of AVCon’s 2024’s Ultimate Gamer! Register at the form below or sign up on the day!

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Step back in time to the early 2000s with the AVCon Arcade! Immerse yourself in a realm of rhythm, driving, shooting and pixelated fun.

But the fun doesn’t stop there—explore the prize machines packed with plushies and prizes waiting to be won by skilled players. Get ready to game, groove, and grab at the arcade area of AVCon 2024!

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South Australian Touhou Appreciation Society

Come check out the South Australian Touhou Appreciation Society, an Adelaide community group dedicated to the amazing bullet hell world that is Touhou.

Learn more about their awesome group at AVCon 2024 and through the links below!

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UniSA Indie Games Room (IGR)

The AVCon Indie Games Room (IGR) was one of Australia’s first events to spotlight locally developed indie game projects. It has provided developers a platform to show off, get feedback, or sell their games for over ten years.

Come get your hands on the very best of locally developed games on show at this year’s IGR and be the first to play what might be the next big thing. The AVCon IGR is supported by the University of South Australia.

Learn more here about what teams and their games will be featured at AVCon 2024!

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Retrospekt Retro Gaming

Step back in time and relive the golden era of gaming in Retrospekt’s Retro Gaming Showcase. Dive into a nostalgic paradise filled with classic consoles and beloved games from yesteryear. Rediscover the joys of pixelated adventures on the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis or early blocky polygons with PS1 or Saturn. If you enjoy the exceptionally rare, check out their range of strange and obscure gaming curiosities from across the ocean. Travel from the distant past to the current day with Retrospekt awesome retro gaming museum!

Check out Retrospekt’s website for the latest in Australian retro games news, reviews, and interviews!

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ARENA Esports Area

Prepare for the electrifying energy of competitive gaming at the ARENA Esports Area, presented by ARENA Internet Cafe! Get ready to witness the intensity on the Esports stage as it showcases the thrilling semi and grand finals, community games, and special fan matches throughout the weekend. Join us in cheering on your favourite teams and players as they battle it out for glory and prestige.

Whether you’re a seasoned esports enthusiast or just looking to experience the excitement, you’ll find it at the ARENA Esports Area.

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The Gaming Stage

This feature stage will run all weekend with various tournament finals, community gaming challenges, and our landmark event, Ultimate Gamer.

Check back soon for the Gaming Stage schedule!

Schedule Coming Soon!
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TwitchAdelaide Stream Studio

Adelaide Community MeetUps powered by Twitch will be back at AVCon 2024 with their very own STREAM STUDIO! Thanks to HyperX.

A huge line-up of local Twitch creators will broadcast LIVE from the show floor. They’ll raise money for Game On Cancer (Cure Cancer), which funds lifesaving research and helps cancer patients worldwide.

Come and check out a live Twitch stream at the Adelaide Showgrounds; see how it’s done, say ‘hi’ to your favourite local streaming personalities and support a great cause.

Click here to learn more about the featured streamers!

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Access Inn

Seeking respite from the noise of the bustling of the Festival? Venture to the AVCon Access Inn, a sanctuary for weary travellers with sensory sensitivities or disabilities. Find solace while still enjoying the immersive gaming experiences offered at AVCon.

The AVCon Access Inn will have sensory safe games, and will be accessible and comfortable for wheelchair users from Sunday afternoon!

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