Indie Games Room (IGR)

The AVCon Indie Games Room (IGR) was one of Australia’s first events to spotlight locally developed indie game projects. It has provided developers a platform to show off, get feedback, or sell their games for over ten years.

Come get your hands on the very best of locally developed games on show at this year’s IGR and be the first to play what might be the next big thing. The AVCon IGR is supported by the University of South Australia.

Check out the teams below and their games that will be featured at AVCon 2024!

Indie Games Room Directory


Ender Of Ember by TerrorVision Games

After Ember is accidently sent to Hell she acquires a forbidden Chainsaw. Ember begins to shoot and slice her way to the deepest layer of Hell to get some answers.

End of Ember is a fast paced top down shooter with rogue-like elements and procedural generated levels. It’s a love letter to 80s horror films and heavy inspired by Doom, Smash TV and The Binding of Isaac.

apastyandapickaxe logo

A Pasty and a Pickaxe by Kadina Memorial School

In a Metroidvania styled platformer, you are playing as an young boy in Moonta around the early 1900’s. You have been tasked with getting the ingredients in the township of Moonta to make a Cornish pasty. Upon completion you will need to take it down to a miner working within the copper mines. With an unsafe environment this might not be as easy as you think.

This is a simple 2 level game which has been build by students from different year levels from 9 to 12 at Kadina Memorial School. Students have researched and developed game assets from real people and settings from the Yorke Peninsula, situated in Moonta, a town away from the school they attend.

CrimsonCutlass logo

Crimson Cutlass by Cerulean Creative Studios

In this two-player rogue-lite co-operative multiplayer game, players roleplay as Priscilla, the fearless warrior who seeks the fun of the fight, along with her lovable gentle giant childhood friend Gym(maine). In Crimson Cutlass, time travel meets post-apocalyptic ocean world, thousands of years in the future. New age cultures are founded upon ancient relics, which each society has independently stumbled upon – where they must either find peace amongst themselves, or resist the peace imposed upon them.

yesterdayshero logo

Yesterday’s Hero by CorgiPillar

Yesterday’s Hero is a 2D platformer mixing Elements of Mario, Megaman X and Play as the character Hero, an everyday guy who decides he has no choice but to become the Super Hero the city needs. Jump, Dodge, Dash and Punch! your way through platforming challenges and dangerous enemies and save the day as a real Hero.

artsythief logo

Artsy Thief by Platypulse Games

A stealth game in which you must create your own masterpiece paintings to sneak around guards in an art gallery, all whilst also stealing highly valuable artworks! Make paintings, put them up, and watch as the guards observe your masterpieces, giving you a chance to sneak past and get away with the paintings you’ve been tasked to steal!

survivethenight logo

Survive the Night by Ship It

Daylight is fleeting, and the darkness holds horrors. Choose your godly hero and build defences to survive the night.

fallenolive logo

Fallen Olive by Pixel Vine Interactive

Fallen Olive is a top-down action-roguelike game inspired by games like Enter the Gungeon and Cult of the Lamb. With hundreds of item combinations, multiple different weapons, meta-progression, quests, bosses and lots of enemy variety, this game is for those who love the aspect of run variety in the genre of roguelikes.

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