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Adelaide Community MeetUps powered by Twitch will be back at AVCon 2024 with their very own STREAM STUDIO! Thanks to HyperX.

A huge line-up of local Twitch creators will broadcast LIVE from the show floor. They’ll raise money for Game On Cancer (Cure Cancer), which funds lifesaving research and helps cancer patients worldwide.

Come and check out a live Twitch stream at the Adelaide Showgrounds; see how it’s done, say ‘hi’ to your favourite local streaming personalities and support a great cause.

Check out below to learn more about the featured streamers!

About TwitchAdelaide

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Adelaide Community MeetUps powered by Twitch is a not-for-profit community organisation that coordinates and hosts events for local South Australian Twitch streamers (and other online content creators).

They also coordinate a number of online events, charity campaigns, convention appearances and networking seminars for the SA gaming and creator scene. The best way to connect with the community is to join their Discord!

Check out TwitchAdelaide’s Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Discord

About Game on Cancer

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Cure Cancer is dedicated to backing brave thinking and kick-starting new ideas. We fund groundbreaking cancer research from brilliant scientists to save millions of lives.

Game On Cancer® is an initiative of Cure Cancer to unite the gaming community to support brilliant cancer researchers working to save lives. Join our the Game On Cancer® community by donating and help fund the next bright idea to cure cancer!

Check out Game On Cancer’s Twitch | Twitter | Instagram

Meet the Streamers!



Dalestair is known affectionately as the internet’s fairy goth parent.

They are a nonbinary and neurodivergent creator who loves to blur the lines between all things spooky and cute. They love to stream cozy and wholesome games as much as they love to stream horror games, as well as share their love of ghosts and cryptids with their chat. Dalestair is dedicated to creating safe and supportive spaces for diverse individuals.

They were the leading force behind the AVCon Community Area back from 2017 to 2019, and we can’t wait to have them back at the event for the AVCon Stream Studio!

Check out Dalestair’s Twitch | Instagram | Facebook | Threads | Snapchat



Fern270 is an Australian content creator who streams a variety of first-playthrough games like Skyrim, Far Cry games and GTAV on Twitch.

She loves to incorporate lots of interaction with viewers, from late-night chats about random topics to having memes pop up on her game to throw her off; each stream is not like the other!

Fern started her streaming journey because she wishes no one will feel lonely especially those struggling with mental health of which she sometimes struggles with herself. Fern emphasises how important it is to take care of yourself and drink your damn water!

Check out Fern270’s Twitch | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Fred Mackay


Fred is a variety streamer that hails from Adelaide, South Australia. His streams focus primarily around indie games, streaming software and general technology.

Fred likes on creating everything in the stream himself, whether it be emotes and animations, or sounds, he’ll give it a go until he’s happy with the outcome (even if the outcome is kinda scuffed).

Fred’s community is full of friendly people from all walks of life, all over the globe and on every spectrum imaginable, so never feel afraid to say hi and hang out.

Check out Fred’s Twitch | Instagram | Twitter



JTMagicman, the versatile Twitch streamer. With over a decade of streaming under his belt, he’s a seasoned veteran in the world of online entertainment.

JTMagicman’s streams range from Pokémon adventures to lightning-fast speed runs and nail-biting challenge runs. But that’s not all. He’s also a national champion in Rocket League, showcasing his prowess in competitive gaming.

Beyond his impressive gaming achievements, JTMagicman is known for his warm and friendly demeanour, making everyone feel right at home.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the scene, JTMagicman’s streams are a must-watch, offering a blend of skill, excitement, and friendly camaraderie.

Check out JTMagicman’s Twitch | TikTok | Twitter



A Content Career sparked by an Epidemic, MadamSlips begins her journey.

Over almost 4 years, she has built a community she calls The Madhouse Misfits. Cultured around body positivity, mental health advocacy, and overall good vibes, ‘Slips’ aims to make a difference in her chaotic channel.

With a love for FPS games, a laugh so loud the neighbours complain, and a community of supportive Misfits, The Madhouse is the place to be.

Check out MadamSlips’ Twitch | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube



Nicktacula brings chaos to cosy games and indie games while also creating informative reviews and tutorials on his YouTube channel, Techtacula.

In his 8 years of content creation, Nick has done many different things, but the constant throughout it all has been his community called The Spice Rack. He is also a big mental health and neurodivergent advocate and is very passionate about charity fundraising too.

Come enjoy the cosy chaos because you are always in for a good time in Nick’s streams!

Check out Nicktacula’s Twitch | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram

Peachkachu 1


Meet PeachKachu, the vibrant Twitch Streamer hailing from the Land Down Under!

With her infectious laughter and boundless enthusiasm, PeachKachu creates a welcoming atmosphere for her dedicated family of viewers. Whether she’s diving into heart-pounding FPS games or embarking on thrilling adventures in the world of horror, PeachKachu’s streams are always a rollercoaster of fun and excitement.

Join her on Twitch for endless laughs and unforgettable gaming moments!

Check out PeachKachu’s Twitch | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram



ScaryDropbear is a classic silly Aussie, a jack of all trades from casting to cosplay to charity. Always cracking jokes and bantering with a focus on mental health and good vibes.

Check out ScaryDropbear’s Twitch | Twitter | Instagram



Scottsad0rk, a born-and-bred South Australian, is a multifaceted Twitch streamer and content creator known for his eclectic variety streams that keep audiences on the edge of their seats… by discovering new and inventive ways to be bad at games.

Beyond his captivating content, Scott assumes the pivotal role of Community Manager for TwitchAdelaide, orchestrating engaging events that unite and uplift the region’s thriving community of streamers and content creators.

With a knack for fostering connections and crafting compelling content, Scott continues to leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Check out Scottsad0rk’s Twitch | Twitter | Instagram



Teejayrei is a vibrant and versatile Twitch streamer from Australia, known for her friendly and optimistic personality.

As a devoted mum, wife, student, and full-time worker, she balances her busy life with her passion for streaming. For the past two years, Teejayrei has cultivated a welcoming community known as the Command Centre, where like-minded individuals gather for friendly conversation, light-hearted banter, and mutual support.

Initially focusing on cozy farming simulators, Teejayrei has recently expanded her streaming repertoire to include adventures in Final Fantasy XIV Online, delighting her audience with her diverse gaming interests and genuine enthusiasm.

Check out Teejayrei’s Twitch | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram

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