No matter what you’re interested in — from cosplay to gaming to industry and everything in between — we’ve got something up our sleeve for everyone. Buckle up for a fun-filled Festival and get ready to dive into an endless stream of things to do!

The AVCon Auction

The annual AVCon auction is the fast-paced last hurrah of every AVCon. Cool nerd merchandise from our sponsors, AVCon memorabilia from the vaults, and the very auction stick go for way too much money. Every AVCon auction must be seen to be believed, with the auction proceeds going right back into running the following year’s Festival.

Quiz Night

Questions will cover a wide range of topics, including video games, anime and everything in between, with champions winning a treasure trove of awesome prizes provided by our sponsors. Even if you don’t prove a trivia mastermind, your skills might reap the rewards, and you’ll definitely be entertained and have some fun! Order a drink or two, answer some questions, and play our mini-games throughout the night with even more prizes up for grabs.

Quiz Teams are 10 people, so gather 9 other staunch comrades or come along solo or with a few mates and make new friends by being put into a pickup group. 
Three performers doing a fan dance.


Love dance or watching live performances? At AVCon, we’re lucky enough to have premier dance groups performing throughout the festival weekend. We’ve got a few stages showcasing local talent all weekend, including idol dance groups and more. Not to mention, they’re all free for all to see!