Who is Team AVCon?

AVCon began in 2002 as a joint convention supported by volunteers from the University of South Australia’s Adelaide Japanese Animation Society (AJAS) and the Adelaide University Video Gamers Association (AUVGA). Originally known as the A/V Connection, the event was held annually at the University of Adelaide.

After four successful annual conventions, Team AVCon Incorporated was created as an independent entity to run and sustain the annual convention. Team AVCon Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to keep AVCon fun, open, and accessible.

AVCon is organised by an elected team, who manage and work within an organising committee. The elected members are voted in by the Team AVCon Incorporated Membership at the end of each year.

The AVCon membership consists of past and present volunteers who have shown their dedication to making AVCon a success. The members of Team AVCon Incorporated have a great interest in anime, video games and Japanese culture. This interest drives them to make AVCon the best it can be and ensures that AVCon remains a festival for the fans.

Our Team

The AVCon Elect is a four-member team elected by the AVCon membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Elect is responsible for appointing the Committee and the direction of the organisation.

The Elect

ConvenorThao Vuong
Vice ConvenorSeth Lindsay
SecretaryAdam Henderson
TreasurerThomas Birdseye

The Committee

Events CoordinatorBecc Regenass
Exhibitors CoordinatorNathan Wescombe
Games CoordinatorChristine Mackrell
Marketing CoordinatorGeorgia Halliday
Sponsorship CoordinatorJames Marshall
Tabletop CoordinatorTyler Brown
Technical CoordinatorAdriano Anzellotti
Ticketing CoordinatorHarris Goudas
Volunteer CoordinatorKingsley Symonds
Website CoordinatorVicki Apostolidis

How Can I Join Team AVCon?

Team AVCon has multiple opportunities for the community to play a bigger part in shaping AVCon. Team AVCon values the uniqueness of our team and understands that when unique people work together we can deliver extraordinary results.


Ready to dip your toes into Team AVCon? AVCon enlists the help of over 400 volunteers to help out with AVCon every year.

We welcome and encourage people of all ages, interests and experience levels to apply to become a volunteer. For more information about becoming a volunteer for Team AVCon, check out our Volunteer webpage.


The Team AVCon membership meets quarterly and annually to discuss and make decisions regarding all things AVCon.

Membership requires all members to have volunteered for the event in a previous year or to be on the active standing committee. If you’re interested in becoming a member, we recommend getting involved with the Festival through volunteering. Successful applicants will require a recommendation by an existing member of the Team AVCon Elect, Committee Coordinator Lead or staff under a Committee Coordinator Lead.

We recommend first checking out our Team AVCon Rules of Association. If you are interested in applying, send an email to [email protected] and we will be in touch.


The Committee is responsible for the running of the Festival, including minor events that may run throughout the year. The structure of the Committee is determined by the Elect each year. Each role on the committee is responsible for different parts of the festival.

Every year, the Elect decide on the positions in the Committee, and they are then advertised to the previous year’s Committee, the membership and the broader community. 

Team AVCon has closed Committee recruitments and will announce shortly the new 2022 Team AVCon Committee through the website. Thank you to all those who have applied!