This is not a paid position. This is a position done on a volunteer basis.

Team AVCon is a 100% volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that runs several anime and gaming-themed events throughout the year, including the AVCon Anime and Gaming Festival. We have a passion for all things nerdy and a desire to put on quality entertainment and events for the public of South Australia. All members and staff of Team AVCon Incorporated are volunteers and perform roles without any monetary compensation.

AVCon is seeking a Venue Coordinator who will be responsible for managing the physical spaces hosting the various AVCon events throughout the year, including the main AVCon festival itself. They will be a liaison between venue management and Team AVCon Elect and be the lead consultant for the planning of venue layouts and operations.


  • Ability to understand and interpret regulations and guidelines.
  • Great spatial awareness and ability to translate that to maps and layouts.
  • Great communication skills and ability to work with others.


  • Become familiar with the venue and understand floors and rooms to design and produce event floor plans.
  • Seek and negotiate equipment and furniture hire with the venue and 3rd party suppliers.
  • Work to produce adequate signage and make the venue as accessible as possible.
  • Regularly communicating with the venue(s) staff leading up to and including the duration of the Festival and other events.
  • Being a point of contact for the venue and other stakeholders for issues or queries.
  • Ensuring efficient and cost-effective use of the space and equipment while working closely with the Treasurer to deliver benefits to all areas of the Festival.
  • Close communication and regular meetings with all aspects of the AVCon Committee to ensure that their venue requirements are being met.
  • Liaising and assisting external parties who require space or run an event at the Festival and other events.
  • Supporting the Exhibitor, Artist Alley and Design teams with all exhibitor communications and application processes, including the booth allocation of all successful applicants for the Festival and other events.
  • Schedule efficient bump-in and bump-out schedules and facilitate smooth operations.

Successful applicants will be expected to check online communication platforms such as AVCon Discord and Email on a daily basis and have a maximum response time of 24 hours. Successful applicants will also be required to join Team AVCon Membership and attend any requested in-person meetings as well as AGM/QGM meetings to the best of their ability. Successful applications will be required to write regular reports for Team AVCon membership regarding all aspects of their duties and any issues or outcomes encountered. If any of these requirements are not able to be met for any length of time, successful applicants must be able to communicate with Team AVCon Elect and make proper intermediary arrangements.

Joining Team AVCon will provide staff with invaluable real-world work experience in multiple fields and provide materials and references to be used in future work and study applications. Most work will be expected to be done with your own equipment and resources and within your own hours.

We are a close-knit and friendly collection of people who share a love of pop culture. Being a part of Team AVCon and organising our events is an experience that is wholeheartedly memorable and will help you forge friends and connections for life.

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