Interview with Floksy Locksy Cosplay – By Ripley Newbold

Floksy Locksy is a home-grown Adelaide hero who has been cosplaying close to a decade. She’s entered and dominated competitions all around Australia and has being a big part of AVCon, being a reoccurring cosplay judge and appearing on our video adverts. Check out our community spotlight with her below.

How did you start cosplaying?

I’ve always been a huge fan of manga and anime although my childhood, and when I found out about AVCon, a friend asked me to cosplay from Final Fantasy 15 with her. Suddenly I realised I could be all characters I wanted to be and I just really took to it.



What’s your favourite cosplay you’ve ever done?

Does it have to be one? Hahaha… I guess I would have to say Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY. It’s almost like the costume wanted to be made and everything fell together perfectly. I wore it the first time at RTX 2016 where I won first prize in their cosplay competition, and since then its continued to be my most well received cosplay to date and it’s how most people discovered me.

Do you have a particular philosophy to cosplay? Or a set of rules you use when creating?

Only ever cosplay what you love, I just can’t cosplay as a character I have no attachment to. If I’m not invested on an emotional level then I can’t put 110% percent into costume, and that will reflect in my work.



Do you have any inspirations for cosplay? Maybe other cosplayers or artists?

Major Sam is absolutely my biggest inspiration because she is just amazing, her attention to detail is astonishing and I dream of being half the costume maker she is. Vamprea, a Melbourne based cosplayer is also incredible, very talented and always happy to help out when I ask her for advice. TT costuming here in Adelaide uses a lot of intricate 3D printing and it makes his props next level. We’ve also judged competitions together and couldn’t ask for a better partner. Going International it would have to be Jessica Nigri, shes such an inspiration for everything I do.

If you had unlimited time, money and resources, what would your dream cosplay be?

I think I would love to do a Sakizo design. They are so intricate and have so many different sewn components. Also I guess my Cersei Lannister dress… I’ve patterned it and all but the silk dupioni just costs so much money and I’m going to need a lot of meters hahahaha.

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