Intro to AVCon – By Ripley Newbold

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

AVCon season is in full swing and we are so excited to show you what we have in store. Every year we try push AVCon a little further from the one weekend event, to a full year round experience, with mini events, updates, giveaways and promotion of the local scene culminating in our weekend festival. If you didn’t check out our awesome new years event ‘AVCon Smashes 2018 NYE’ then the pictures can be seen on Facebook.

But let’s talk about AVCon, and what makes it so unique amongst similar events in Australia. Those of you who have been around for years will probably know all this information, but as new people get introduced to who we are it can always be fun to let them know straight from the source.

AVCon is a 100% volunteer run festival, of which there are very few in Australia. That means every single person involved, from our awesome team of invaders (our volunteers who help out and kick ass on the AVCon festival weekend) all the way up to our committee and convener, are completely unpaid. Every single dollar AVCon has ever earned has gone to making the next year’s event even better.

AVCon started out as a small one-day event in 2002 run by members of the A/V Connection group at the Adelaide university to raise funds for group activities and (unsurprisingly) to buy more anime and video games. Eventually it grew to a two-day event, and then in 2009 due to the larger and larger attendance, it made the jump to the Adelaide convention centre.

Since then AVCon has weathered the storms stayed committed to Adelaide’s awesome geek scene. And while other events halved their size or pulled out completely, AVCon has continued to make sure that Adelaide’s scene is stronger than ever.

A lot of people ask what it’s like being on the AVCon committee? The first part is, it’s a lot of work. With regular after-hours meetings and an insane amount of looking at excel spreadsheets, working for AVCon can be like having a part time job. But its rewarding too, when a whole year of late nights, red bulls and stress dreams comes together and you get to see the event you’ve put on? Well that’s a pretty good feeling.

So by now I imagine you’re wondering how you can get involved? Well the easiest and best way to get started is by applying to be a volunteer, which you can do right here

Get Involved

Being a volunteer is a great way to see the event from the inside and get a firsthand account of the amazing collaborative effort that it takes to put on the AVCon festival every year. There are also a few pathways to finding staff positions within AVCon through the volunteer team. While staff positions are still unpaid (as are all positions within AVCon), they are often more involved and more specialised positions in specific areas within the convention.

If you like that you’ll be given the chance to join our AVCon membership. The membership acts in a similar way that investors or shareholders would for a regular for-profit-business. We have quarterly meetings where issues that affect the future direction of the event are discussed and voted on, including the election of our Convenor, Vice-Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer, who then appoint committee members. If you want a further jump start into the Avcon family then we also often advertise open staff positions on our Facebook page.

So get ready AVConites! Every year we strive to make AVCon better and this year is no exception. Keep an eye on our social media and this blog for announcements, updates and more great content!

Would you like to write for the AVCon blog? Got a special subject you’d like to get out to Adelaide geek community? Then email Blog Editor Ripley at [email protected]