Companion Cards

If you hold a current and valid Companion Card, your carer may accompany you during the festival for free. Before the festival, you can contact [email protected] to receive a pass for your carer. Then, on the day, show your ticket and Companion Card to our volunteer staff, and your carer will also receive a pass. Parents and carers of children not in the Companion Card program will need to purchase passes for the festival.

Service Animals

Guide dogs, service animals, and companion animals are welcome at AVCon. Please produce your certificate upon entry.

Other Information

If you have any questions regarding the venue, feel free to send an email with any questions or concerns to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

If you require assistance on the day, please approach one of our staff or volunteers or our Information Desks during the festival.


AVCon welcomes everyone’s feedback on making our festival more accessible to all attendees. Please fill out the below form, and we will do our best to improve on suggestions.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you for more details if necessary.