Information Desk

Keep an eye out for the Information Desk at the venue for help with any questions, like where things are located, when things are happening, or closing hours.

The Information Desk is the go-to place to file a report about an incident or problem, a suspicious person or a lost child or person. Lost children are escorted to the Information Desk to await their parent or guardian.

Hours and Locations

See our Hours and Maps web page for more information closer to the date.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item at AVCon, please visit the Information Desk.

If you want to turn in a lost item, you can drop it off at the Information Desk or a nearby volunteer or staff member.

After AVCon, lost items are turned over to the venue, which will need to be contacted by the attendee.

First Aid

First aid officers are on standby throughout the festival and offer basic first aid for minor injuries.

Safe Spaces

AVCon understands the importance of protecting all attendees at our events. If you need to get away for a few moments, please reach out to a volunteer or staff member or the Information Booth to find a Safe Space.

Cloak Room

Need a place to store your backpacks, props, luggage, and loot from the Exhibit Hall? Our cloakroom services can hold onto your items while you enjoy the festival! Best of all, using the cloakroom services are free of charge for all attendees.

Live Weapon Storage

Live weapons include functional airsoft guns, sharp blades, and anything not permitted at AVCon as per Props and Weapons Policy.

Live weapons cannot be stored at AVCon or anywhere within the venue. Please keep live weapons in your car, in your hotel room, or at home.

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is where cosplayers and attendees alike can rest their feet away from cameras and crowds. The Quiet Room is a place to relax and get away from the stresses a festival can present.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Please be courteous of fellow attendees while enjoying your time inside of The Quiet Room
  • Please be mindful of your volume. No talking, but whispers are acceptable.
  • Cameras are not permitted while inside of The Quiet Room.
  • No eating or drinking while inside of The Quiet Room. Bottled water is allowed!
  • Please turn cell phones to vibrate or silent mode. If you must answer a phone call, please take it outside of the room.
  • Please turn off the volume on all gaming devices, laptops, tablets and electronics. Headphones are encouraged!