Getting to AVCon

The AVCon 2024 Festival will be running at the Adelaide Showground, which is located in the City of Unley. Whether you are local or you are travelling to Adelaide for the Festival, we have created a page with all the information and resources to help you get to the Festival.

Travel via car and parking options

The Adelaide Showground has over 2,000 parking spots accessible off of Rose Terrace and Leader Street and has both internal and external parking areas. Adelaide Showground car parks are cashless, and you can use your credit card to enter and exit. Click here to download a copy of the map of the Adelaide Showground, which shows all the available parking on-site.

Travel via Bus, Train, or Tram

Adelaide Metro is a public transport service that offers a network of bus, tram, and train services throughout the metropolitan area of South Australia. Adelaide Metro fares are the same on buses, trains, and trams. On its website, you can plan your trip to AVCon 2024 with Adelaide Metro’s Plan Your Trip page.

You can pay with a rechargeable plastic metroCARD, a paper MetroTicket or, if you’re only using trams, with your credit card or smart device.

For more information about Adelaide Metro fares, check out this page on their website. To find out where you can purchase a metroCARD, check out this page on their website.

Travel via taxi or ridesharing services

You can choose from traditional taxi cab services or one of the many rideshare options available. There are also dedicated accessible services for those in wheelchairs or with accessibility issues.

Adelaide and suburban areas are serviced by three taxi companies:

In addition, Suburban Access Taxis cater to passengers with disabilities. Their vehicles are fitted with hydraulic lifts, allowing those in wheelchairs and scooters to be transported securely and respectfully.

Multiple rideshare services operate in Adelaide. Choose from the traditional Uber, Go Catch, or Ola. There’s also Shebah (operated by women, for women) or MyCar for eco-friendly transport. For a complete list of accredited passenger transport services in Adelaide, refer to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Pick-ups can be arranged from the Goyder Forecourt on Goodwood Road or the Rose Terrace entrance North of the Showground.

Travel via plane

The main major airport in Adelaide is Adelaide Airport (ADL). All major cities in Australia offer direct flights to this airport, and the airport accepts international flights as well. Depending on where you are travelling from, we recommend checking out your favourite flight site to find the best prices and times.

The Adelaide Airport offers access to Adelaide Metro, rental cars and taxi and rideshare zones. For more information, check out their official website here.

Travel via train

Several of the major cities in Australia offer train services to Adelaide. We recommend checking out the following services sites to get the most up-to-date details, schedules and pricing:

Travel via bus

Greyhound Australia offers a national coach service around Australia. Greyhound Australia also provides discounts for tertiary students. We recommend checking out their site to get the most up-to-date details, schedules and pricing:

All services terminate at the Adelaide Central Bus Station, a 15-minute walk to the Adelaide Convention Centre and conveniently located in the CBD. Check out the Adelaide Central Bus Station website for more details.

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