Featured Photographer

We are excited to announce local cosplay photography legend Steamkittens will be a featured photographer for AVCon 2019!

“Steamkittens manages to capture us in a way that makes us look how we dream we are meant to look, with all of the drama and spectacle and attention to detail that we source our inspiration from in the first place. He is an absolute wonder. I am so thankful that the convention has provided such a unique and awesome opportunity to engage with one of the greatest contributors to the cosplay community” – Indefinitely India Cosplay

Since 2013 Steamkittens has been one of the biggest names in Australian cosplay photography. Working his way around the country building a strong reputation, one con at a time, he has forged a new precedent in cosplay photography with his unique approach to lighting and colour, leaving a lasting impression and influence on the cosplay scene by bringing his design background into his images and compositions.

Having worked with international cosplayers such as Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, Kamui, Leeanna Vamp, Stella Chu and more. He has had three photos appear in Yaya Hanís annual calendar, been on the cover of US comic book Rat Queens after his photo of Astrokerrie inspired the creator to feature a cosplay cover, produced work for Ubisoft for game releases such as The Division, Wildlands and Far Cry 5, he has had work featured in the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary book, and the DOOM 25th Anniversary video as well as being interviewed by numerous publications and websites worldwide. He is also a proud brand ambassador for China’s largest photographic lighting company Jinbei who recognised his unique creative style.

From modest beginnings photographing animals at a rescue shelter (which is where the name comes from) Steamkittens is now a popular attraction at cons drawing large queues at events such as PAX (in his famous corner), regional cons around the country and for the last couple of years on tour as the resident cosplay photographer for Supanova. His most humbling moment was in 2018 when the New Zealand cosplay community undertook fundraising to bring him over to Auckland to start the first photowall at Armageddon Expo.

Steamkittens has always been a big supporter of his hometown event AVcon, running the photowall at the AVcon ball numerous years, volunteering with the photo team and being a guest in 2018. He has jumped at the chance to return in 2019!