Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is an area within the AVCon exhibiting floor where artists of all types can display and sell their work to the attendees. Artist Alley is designed to give both emerging and established artists a platform to sell their work and meet the public for an affordable price. AVCon prides itself on the quality and community of its Artist Alley.

The Artist Alley is open to any sole trader (or partnership) who create their own pieces of creative artwork, whether it be illustration, photography, sculpture of crafts.

For any queries relating to artist alley AVCon please contact [email protected]


Exhibiting at AVCon

From anime to video games, cosplay items to collectibles and more – our exhibitors bring the best of them all to AVCon.

As a large and established annual event, AVCon provides high-traffic exposure to an exhibitor’s target audience. Exhibitors receive a constant stream of traffic by festival attendees.

AVCon offers a variety of exhibitor packages to cater to all levels of business and provide great value in effectively reaching your target audience. All packages can be customised to your needs.

For a full list of attending exhibitors be sure to pick up a booklet from ticketing.

For any queries relating to exhibiting at AVCon please contact [email protected]

Maid’s Café

Maid cafés are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. In these cafés, wait staff, dressed in maid and butler costumes, act as household staff to the customers.  In addition to exemplary service, maids and butlers adopt personas and provide entertainment with performance of dances and charms.

Our lovely team of maids and butlers will be back again this year at Ichigo Ke-Ki Café (いちごケーキ). Escape the hustle-bustle of the busy AVCon atmosphere and join us for a bite to eat, a game to play or a photo with our delightful maids and butlers.

Hot food, cold food and delicious drinks will be available; along with a few exclusive items served to you by AVCon’s finest attendants.

Art Competition

The AVCon community is full of hundreds of amazingly talented and creative people and one of the ways we like to encourage this talent is through our Art Competition. Artist may submit traditional or digital artwork into the following categories;
– anime fanart

– video game fan art

– original art

As of 2016 we have now also included a props category, bringing a 3D element into the competition.

Definitely stop by and marvel at the talent of AVCon’s art and cosplay community.