Team AVCon has opened up AVCon committee positions for the upcoming 2022-2023 calendar year. Check out more information here!

Join the 2022-2023 AVCon Committee

Who are the AVCon Committee?

The Committee are the brains behind AVCon. The Committee is responsible for the festival’s running, including minor events that may run throughout the year. The structure of the Committee is determined by the Elect each year. Each role on the Committee is responsible for a particular facet of the festival. The Committee reports to and works alongside the Elect to coordinate their department for all AVCon events throughout the year. Typically, the Committee coordinators lead smaller teams and delegate work depending on their department.

What are the AVCon Committee’s responsibilities?

Check out the position descriptions below for more specific responsibilities per position. In addition, Committee coordinators attend regular virtual meetings with the rest of the team, create reports for their sections and help coordinate their department’s activities for mini and major events.

How do I apply for an AVCon Committee position?

You can apply for an AVCon committee position by either:

  • Completing the Google form here (a Google account is required to complete this form)
  • Email your expression of interest with a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

The Elect will then contact successful candidates via email to attend an interview. Interviews will commence after Friday, the 23rd of September 2022. These interviews will be completed online as a one-on-one with our Elect team so we can get to know you. If you are successful in the interview, the Elect will reach out via email to inform you of the outcome.

I’m new to AVCon, and I want to get involved. Can I apply for an AVCon Committee position?

Of course! We encourage newcomers to apply if they have the skills or experience required for the position. If you still want to help but not at a Committee level, we highly recommend joining our fantastic volunteer squad, the Invaders. You can learn more and join up on our Volunteer page.

Open Committee Positions

The Design Project Manager is a committee position for the upcoming AVCon 2023 festival. The responsibilities of a successful applicant include:

  • Arrange for assets to be created, seeking assistance from various local artists.
  • With the Marketing and Website Coordinators, create a cohesive and consistent branding, imaging, and theming of Team AVCon and AVCon events.
  • Sourcing artwork and designing posters, media, signage and other marketing collateral, such as bookmarks and flyers, align with the branding theme.
  • Ensuring event programmes are designed and printed for attendees.
  • Running Team AVCon art and design competitions in collaboration with the Marketing Coordinator.
  • Designing and developing concepts of the year’s theme, sourcing style sheets of the mascot costumes and developing activity concepts to be implemented into the festival that incorporates the theme

Throughout the year, there will be minor events that the successful applicant will also need to assist in various ways. This role requires writing reports when requested for membership meetings and meeting with venue staff regularly (minimum monthly).

It is an expectation that the Design Project Manage will check their email once every day. The minimum response rate of 48 hours is a requirement for this position. As a member of the Committee, the Design Project Manager must attend all Quarterly General Meetings and stay in the role until the new Elect has been voted in to ensure that everything is finalised. If required, the design coordinator will be responsible for assisting with any handover to new staff.

During and before finishing up in the role, the Design Project Manage will be expected to save all relevant files in their allocated Google Drive and hand over any hard copies to the Elect.

Key Responsibilities
Sourcing of themed artworkRun art competitions
Developing print and commercial mediacoordinate with the marketing and website team to update the website
Developing festival signageRunning AVCon merchandise
Managing a teamAssist in organising minor events
Branding all AVCon documentsEnsuring all work is documented and recorded
Skills Required
Time management and organisational skillsExceptional creativity and design skillsProfessional approach to time, costs and deadlines
Ability to problem solveGood communication and collaboration skillsFlexible meeting hours
Professional demeanourAccuracy and attention to detailAbility to manage a team and delegate tasks
Knowledge of Google Drive and G-Suite Applications
Desirable Skills
An understanding of the Team AVCon demographicAn understanding of artists and how art is created