At Team AVCon, we love working with other not-for-profits, organisations and businesses that want to celebrate fandom. Check out below to find out more about who we work with!

Our Sponsors

We work with various partners to run community events yearly – from the annual AVCon Festival to local artists’ markets and exclusive screenings.

AVCon would not exist without the help we continue to receive from our generous sponsors.

Check out who we partner with here! If you are interested in chatting with us to learn how we could collaborate, check out our Become a Sponsor page to get in contact.

Our Charity of Choice: Game on Cancer

Team AVCon is proud to support Game on Cancer (Cure Cancer) to raise funds for the next generation of outstanding cancer researchers.

Cure Cancer is dedicated entirely to funding early career researchers. They fund some of the smartest scientists and medical researchers on the planet, and we know that these brilliant young minds have the answers – and cures – when given a chance to do their work.

A researcher’s entire career and ability to make breakthroughs come. These cancer researchers are our unknown superheroes. They work tirelessly in the laboratories with long hours, modest pay and an uncertain future.

Help our unknown superheroes fly – donate to our fundraising page today. Every dollar, however big or small, makes a big difference. Together, let’s make this the last generation to die from cancer.