AVCon 2021

AVCon is a not-for-profit event organised and run by a dedicated group of volunteers known as Team AVCon. Team AVCon is focused on supporting the local and interstate anime and gamer community. This includes the promotion of independent and grass-roots designers, developers and producers.

Welcome to AVCon

Come forth weary traveller and join us by the campfire. Relieve your shoulder of that mighty Warhammer, unsling ye bow and sheath thy Paladin’s sword, be not afraid for thou art in AVCon. Dine upon this Pocky and warm thyself against the winter winds. Join us, traveller, join us in video game tournaments, cosplay escapades, animation screenings, the unforgettable bazaar of enchanted loot and the legions of games, panels and picture captures that await! Join the Party, your adventure has begun.

2021 Guests

To be announced soon


We have a number of gaming options including speed running, tournaments, lan gaming, free play and more.


Anime screenings direct from Japan, we are showcasing the freshest titles as well as some old favourites.


South Australia’s largest Cosplay Competition showcases the best local talent. We’re taking it up a notch with new rules, and new competitors.

Weekend Pass
Single session
AVCon After Dark (18+)

Family Packs

AVCon prides itself on being a family friendly event, therefore we now offer discounted tickets for family groups. The Family pack includes 4 passes, for 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children between the ages of 10 and 15 (children under 10 receive free admission). All individuals must be present at the time of purchase and older children may be asked to present a high school concession card to prove they are under 15 years of age.

Family Pass
  • Includes 4x weekend passes for either 2x adults 2x kids (under 14) or 1x adult 3x kids (under 14), does not include access to Friday Quiz night or 18+ event

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