Welcome to AVCon

AVCon is an annual Anime & Video Games Festival held in Adelaide by the not for profit Team AVCon Inc. AVCon celebrates the world of anime, gaming, cosplay, pop culture, art and more in one big community-based event.

Let's Start!

Check out our links below to learn more about the festival weekend and what AVCon really is all about!


No matter what you’re interested in — from cosplay to gaming to industry and everything in between — we’ve got something up our sleeve for everyone. Buckle up for a fun-filled Festival and get ready to dive into an endless stream of things to do!

Get Involved

As a big-community based event – AVCon has multiple opportunities for people of all ages to participate in the festival. From helping the weekend run smoothly to running a booth, check out the opportunities below to contribute to AVCon.


Are you ready for AVCon? The first thing you’ll need is a pass, which comes with a nice lanyard, bag, and program guide. You’ll need to wear it at all times during the festival weekend. Check out below for all the information regarding ticketing.


AVCon is a jam-packed weekend with thousands of fans and plenty of exhibitors, events, and activities to choose from. Don’t let the details detract from your trip by planning well in advance.


Keen to represent your love of all things AVCon and support a good cause? Come check out our online shop, open year-round for some cool merchandise while supporting our charity of choice, Cure Cancer.

Keep Up with Us

Team AVCon is brewing some awesome stuff up. In the meantime, keep an eye out on our social media and the AVCon Social Club for the latest updates.