Team AVCon strives to bring you a schedule full of events, activities and attractions that are fun and entertaining for all different interests. Timetables will be made available online in the lead up to the event, and a program booklet can be found in your free show bag at the festival.

Events Timetables

All events are subject to change. If you have any questions regrading the current schedule please email the event Coordinator at [email protected]



Sunday 6:00pm to 7:00pm

The auction is your last chance to grab an item you’ve been coveting all weekend. Items up for auction can range from objects Team AVCon has collected over the year to donations from our sponsors, exhibitors or our special guests. You might just grab the bargain of the century or end up in a bidding war for the ultimate collector’s item.


What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is short for Costume Roleplay, and refers to the subculture of dressing up as characters from manga, anime, video games, comic books, graphic novels or even movies – the sky is the limit.

Cosplay has been a huge part of the AVCon community since the beginning. Fans from across the nation come together at AVCon to display their passion and love for crafting and dressing up as their favourite anime and videogames characters.

AVCon attracts a large variety of cosplayers; ranging from beginners with duct tape swords and cardboard shields to professional cosplayers who befit the character so well that they have won awards nationally and internationally for their achievements. Regardless of your experience, budget or inspiration; we welcome and applaud any and all costumed efforts.

AVCon Cosplay Competition

The largest cosplay competition in South Australia provides a forum in which those who are passionate about cosplay can boast their hard work and skills in an attempt to win some amazing prizes. Held on the main hall stage, the cosplay competition is one of the most highly anticipated events on the schedule. The competition is judged by an esteemed panel of judges, which will also include AVCon special guests. Competition categories include:

Best Female Character Best Male Character Best Amateur Cosplayer
Best Experienced Cosplayer Best Skit Performance Best Cosplay Group

For children who do not meet the minimum age requirement there is a kids cosplay competition held in the kids and family room. This enable the kids to show off their costumes within in a safe environment, away from the main stage.

Cosplay Comp Costume and Prop Requirements

Costumes must have the origin* from one of the following:

Tokusatsu Video game Japanese Anime
Table top game Japanese Manga

*Origin meaning that the character comes from a series that started as a Tokusatsu,Table top game, Video game, Japanese Anime or Manga. One of AVCon’s core values is the promotion of Video games, Japanese Anime and Japanese culture; this is why we have made these parameters for AVCon’s Cosplay Competition.

  • Must not have won prizes in any other competitions. However entrants may still parade their costume during the AVCon Cosplay Parade. Competitors later proven to have worn costumes that have already won awards at other competitions will have their prizes revoked and awarded to the next suitable entrant.
  • You will be required to supply established character reference material from the character’s origin for your cosplay. If you have to create reference material, we will unfortunately be unable to accept your entry.
  • Must be suitable for a family audience, this also applies to skits! Costumes and skits not following this rule will be disqualified and denied entry to AVCon’s Cosplay Competition.
  • 70% of the costume must have been constructed by the entrant. Skit costumes are excluded from this rule as judging for them is based on performance and not the costume.
  • Entrants that have been cosplaying for less than two years and have not won any major prizes or completed related studies at a tertiary level may enter as an “amateur” cosplayer.
  • Entrants that have been cosplaying for more than two years and have won a prize from any cosplay competition or completed related studies at a tertiary level may enter as an “experienced” cosplayer.


  • Prop weaponry and devices that may cause risks to attendees and staff must be tagged and mentioned on the registration form. They will be kept in a secure area until the competition and will not be available for practice or photographs prior to this.
  • No incendiary devices or laser pointers will be permitted.
  • No weapons are to be brandished at another attendee, or the competition hosts, without prior warning and approval of the organiser.
  • All props must comply with the AVCon Weapons and Props Policy: (link to policy)
  • There can be no confetti or rubbish or glass used as props, what you take on stage you must be able to take off stage as well.

Requirements for Media

For full details on audio/visual requirements, please see our Media Content Creation Guide.


Madman National Cosplay Championship

Madman National Cosplay Championship is at AVCon is once again and we are delighted to host this leg of the competition in the Events Main Hall.
Winners of the state championships held at AVCon and each Supanova will be invited to compete at the end of the year (flight and accommodation are part of the heat winners prize) with the National Cosplay Champion winning a trip to Japan.

Cosplay Parade

If you missed out on entering the cosplay competition, the cosplay parade offers the opportunity to display you costume to the attendees on the main stage in a more informal environment.

Each year, we bring a variety of anime & Japanese pop culture panels to our attendees. Learn what to do to prepare when visiting Japan, how to use special Cosplay construction materials like Worbla or find out what sub-genres of Anime are all about. At AVCon, you’ll be able to quench your thirst for anime, video game, cosplay and Japanese related topics.


Anime Screenings

AVCon will be screening the latest and greatest licensed anime, along with a few fan favourites, all weekend long. Whether you’re a long time fan or new to the genre, the screening rooms offer something for everyone.

See the official booklet for session times over the weekend.

AMV Competition

What are AMV’s?

Animated Music Videos (AMV) are fan made compositions taking songs and creating new music videos utilising clips from anime, video games and any other sources of visual media. Music ranges from J-Pop and J-Rock, to western pop, country and many other genres. The skills needed to put together a seamlessly edited, crowd pleasing AMV takes dedication – but the final results can be outstanding.

For those who would like to show off their editing talents, there will be three categories you can enter in, Action/Upbeat, Drama/Romance and Comedy.

AMV Competition

AVCon is once again hosting an AMV competition over the convention weekend. For those of whom that would like to show off their editing talents, there will be three categories you can enter in, Action/Upbeat, Drama/

Romance and Comedy/trailer. All three categories have first place and runners-up prizes to be won; there is also an audience choice award up for grabs. (Entries are limited to 1 per category, but you can only win first place in one category however you may also win the audience choice award.) Competition spots are limited so enter as soon as possible!


Panels are open ended discussions involving a predetermined topic. Topics can include manga, favourite voice-actors or specifics about a particular anime series or movie. Panels can also be about Cosplay, fan-fiction, video games or even industry related topics such as production or licensing.

Would you like to host a panel?

After Dark

The events don’t finish when the sun goes down. On the Saturday night at AVCon the fun continues long after dark. Test your anime and gaming knowledge at the Quiz Night, attend 18+ panels, anime screenings and exciting events in our main hall. If you’re looking for a fantastic way to spend your Saturday evening, join AVCon After Dark.

Quiz Night


AVCon’s legendary Quiz night is back; ready to smash out a full evenings worth of trivia, covering topics from

Anime, Video Games, Manga, Special guests and general geekdom! This year, the night will be filled with even more epic-ness and crazy hosts; it’s going to be a big one! Sign up with your friends or simply be added to a random table.

Visit the info booth for more information or to sign up!