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What is AVCon?

Calling All Artists! AVCon is the only event of its type in Adelaide.

The AVCon Anime and Video Game Festival is an annual celebration of Japanese animation, video gaming, tabletop gaming, esports, game development, art, technology, and cosplay, all in the heart of Adelaide – the capital of South Australia!

Run by Team AVCon Inc, a not-for-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to serving the local South Australian community. Team AVCon Inc. also runs various other anime and gaming-themed events geared towards hobbyists, professionals, and the general public, meaning no matter your skill level or need, we have you covered! Because Team AVCon Inc. is a not-for-profit, all funds generated are used exclusively for making AVCon events better year after year. We put our full focus on promoting local content and giving the South Australian community an event that feels their own.

The AVCon Festival has been running for 21 years, and built a lasting legacy within South Australia, and stands as one of the pillars of pop culture celebration on the Australian calendar. Because of its long-lasting success, AVCon has developed a sterling reputation and is respected nationwide in multiple industries and communities.

AVCon is committed to fostering local and interstate talent in fields such as game development, digital productions, writing, art and design, sewing and construction and other creative outlets such as streaming and podcasting.

South Australia

Although many Aboriginal people settled in the area we know today as South Australia, the traditional owners and custodians of the Adelaide plains were the Kaurna people, who called the area Tarntanya.

Modern Adelaide was established as the first free British settlement in Australia and does not have roots as a convict colony like many other Australian cities. It is named for Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV.

Adelaide is home to a large variety of highly renown arts, performance and food festivals that run all year long. In fact, one of the many nicknames of South Australia is ‘The Festival
State’ so AVCon is in good company. Greater South Australia is home to many wine regions that are considered amongst the best in the world. Areas such as the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale produce first-class wine and are also some of the most scenic landscapes in the country and well worth a visit.


AVCon will run out of the Adelaide Showgrounds. Just on the outskirts of the Adelaide CBD, the Adelaide Showgrounds is home to the Royal Adelaide Show, a mainstay of South Australian life and a venue well-worn and familiar by most South Australians since childhood.

The Showgrounds is a large and modern venue and one of the largest under-cover exhibition spaces in the Southern Hemisphere. The Showgrounds accommodates other large pop culture events such as Supanova and Oz Comic-Con. The Showgrounds are easily accessible by car (with ample parking), the Adelaide Tram System and by bus.

Our Guests

Homegrown icons – AVCon has hosted many Australian icons such as Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin (hosts of the Australian kids show Cheez TV) and Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell and Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen (hosts of the Australian video game show Good Game).

International Celebrities – AVCon has flown in many international guests such as cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han, voice actors such as Jen Taylor, Caitlin Glass and Steve Downes and Japanese animator Hiroshi Nagahama.

AVcon Saturday Castleforge Photography 2023 076

Artists, Vendors, and Indie Games

The AVCon Festival floor features 3 amazing exhibiting areas to help promote artists, vendors and indie game developers and studios.

AVcon Pop Up Castleforge Photography 2023 127

AVCon hosts over 100 artists in our Artist Alley annually, with AVCon 2023 being our largest Artist Alley yet attracting local, interstate and international talent.

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Our Exhibitor Hall hosts over 40 exhibitors annually. Both local and interstate stores, from tattoo shops to anime figures to Japanese-inspired streetwear.

AVcon Sunday Castleforge Photography 2023 036 scaled

Every year, we feature up-and-coming indie games in our Indie Games Room – with 30 indie games featured in our Indie Games Room in 2023. Over the ten years the Indie Games Room has been running, we have supported over 1000 local and interstate game developers.


Surveys have found that AVCon appeals to and is attended by males and females in equal measure, with another large segment of our attendees identifying as non-binary or genderfluid. 40% of AVCon attendees fall into the 18 to 24 age range, and another 40% fall into the 25 to 34 bracket, meaning AVCon has solid appeal to the younger demographics who make up the largest share of consumers spending money on pop culture-related products and services.

AVCon is a family-friendly event that offers free entry to children under 10 and targets content directed at young fans to foster a lifelong love of AVCon and pop culture. Feedback from previous years indicates that AVCon resonates with and is well-regarded by the family demographic. AVCon also runs ”After Dark” which is an 18+ pop culture celebration run on the Saturday night of the main AVCon Festival. After Dark allows older fans to enjoy a range of pop culture entertainment not suitable for a younger audience and vendors and artists to offer a wider range of products than normal.

Our Online Reach

[icon name=”facebook” prefix=”fab”] AVCon Facebook has 21.1k followers and a reach of 100k over 2023.
[icon name="instagram" prefix="fab"] AVCon Instagram has 4.4k followers and a reach of 18.5k over 2023.
[icon name="arrow-pointer" prefix="fas"] AVCon Website generated 400k page views over 2023.

Our Previous Sponsors

Logo Internode White hires

In previous years AVCon has had Internode, a large provider of premium internet services (and now part of TPG Telecom), as a major sponsor.

Logo Nintendo White

Nintendo has participated in AVCon for multiple years, setting up large displays on the show floor.

Logo Crunchyroll White hires

Crunchyroll (through Madman) has been a sponsor of AVCon providing anime screenings and prize giveaways.

Logo Good Games White

AVCon has worked with the national tabletop retail outlet Good Game to run content in our tabletop area.

Logo Shin Tokyo White hires

AVCon has worked with local anime and game retailer Shin Tokyo for almost two decades on promotion, exhibition and as a ticket seller partner.

Logo UniSA White hires

UniSA has worked with AVCon to promote local technologies in development, support local game devs in the Indie Game Room and promote other University level courses on offer.

Artist Alley Packages

Artist Alley Full Table Package: $320

The Full Table Package comes with the following:

AVCon Artist Alley will not be offering double table packages this year.

All electronics wanting to be plugged in at the Adelaide Showgrounds must have a valid Test and Tag within 2 years of the dates of 28th of June 2024.

Artist Alley Half Table Package: $160

The Half Table Package comes with the following:

(By choosing the Half Table package, you will be sharing a space with another artist. Artists applying for this package can request who they share space with, but no guarantees can be made.)

All electronics wanting to be plugged in at the Adelaide Showgrounds must have a valid Test and Tag within 2 years of the dates of 28th of June 2024.

Add-Ons That Can Be Purchased With Your Package:
avcon artistalley backboards scaled
Backing boards for reference.

AVCon After Dark

AVcon Afterdark Castleforge Photography 2023 060

AVCon will be running a new version of our popular AVCon After Dark event on Saturday 29th of June from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This event will take place at the same venue as AVCon (Jubilee Pavilion, Adelaide Showgrounds) but will be restricted to attendees over 18 years of age.

Vending at After Dark is optional, but if you wish to opt in, you will gain 4 extra hours of trade time and have the ability to sell art and products rated 18+ (although your product lineup can remain unchanged if you prefer).

Artists who do not opt into After Dark will have their tables sectioned off and watched by security.

AVCon After Dark vending is at no additional cost and comes included in the Package price for AVCon 2024 Artist Alley.

Application Information and Key Dates

Applications for the AVCon Artist Alley will open on Saturday, 27th of January, at 5:00 pm and will close on Saturday, 2nd of March, at 5:00 pm.

All applicants will need to have at least $5 million in Public Liability Insurance, and a certificate of currency must be demonstrated before setup can occur at AVCon 2024.

The application process will request samples of your work, links to social media accounts where work is displayed, and a description of how your table would be set up and the types of products on offer. Applications will be subject to a vetting process, and acceptance into the AVCon 2024 Artist Alley will be influenced by the following criteria:

Places in the AVCon Artist Alley are limited, and as such, not all applicants will be successful, even if all criteria are met. Selection is based on several factors and there may be some applications that will not be successful for reasons beyond control. For example, several high-quality artists may apply with the same product range or specialise in fan art from the same anime/game. It may also be the case that there is simply not adequate room for everyone who applies.

Not being accepted is not an indication of an artist's skill or quality.

AVCon's selection is final. Unsuccessful applications may go on a waiting list and fill spots if there are any future vacancies.

Emails will be sent out on Saturday 16th of March for both successful and unsuccessful applicants. Information regarding invoicing, bump in/out times and other instructions will follow for successful applicants.

Please ensure you read and understand the Artist Terms and Conditions available here prior to your application.


Applications for AVCon 2024's Artist Alley are now closed! Thank you to all who have applied, and see you at AVCon 2024!

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