AVCon is a jam-packed weekend with thousands of fans and plenty of exhibitors, events, and activities to choose from. Don’t let the details detract from your trip by planning well in advance.

A Dragonball Z cosplayer participating in Quiz Night.


With different panels, events, activities and tournaments – check out the schedule for the festival weekend to plan ahead.

A Dragonball Z cosplayer participating in Quiz Night.

Getting to the Venue

Public transport in cosplay? Planning a big carpool with your friends? Check this page out on how to get to the venue, including parking and drop-off zones.

The cosplay competition winners and judges silly posing


Creating a festival for everyone is Team AVCon’s goal – check out this page to learn more about companion cards, service animals and other information to enjoy your weekend.

A family pose in cosplay.

For Families

The event is an exciting all-inclusive environment with entertainment for both you and your children. Team AVCon strives to provide you with all the information you need to help make the day as entertaining and exciting as possible.

From the elevators, a shot of the ticketing booth at the entrance of AVCon.

Hours and Maps

Prepare ahead for your weekend by familiarising yourself with the venue’s layout and the opening and closing hours of the festival.

An artist posing in front of their art.


Check out this web page to learn more about the amenities provided by the venue and by Team AVCon to help make your festival weekend the best it can be.