AVCon Physical Ticketing Partner Program

The AVCon Physical Ticketing Partner Program (APTPP) is a partnership between Team AVCon Incorporated and any business within South Australia with a retail outlet. The APTPP allows that outlet to sell physical tickets for the AVCon Anime and Video Game Festival. This allows AVCon to reach a wider audience, consumers to have a more personal outlet to purchase tickets and multiple benefits to the retail outlet, such as:

The AVCon Anime and Video Game Festival is an annual celebration of Japanese animation, video gaming, tabletop gaming, esports, game development, art, technology, and cosplay, all in the heart of Adelaide – the capital of South Australia!

Run by Team AVCon Inc, a not-for-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to serving the local South Australian community. Team AVCon Inc. also runs various other anime and gaming-themed events geared towards hobbyists, professionals, and the general public, meaning no matter your skill level or need, we have you covered! Because Team AVCon Inc. is a not-for-profit, all funds generated are used exclusively for making AVCon events better year after year. We put our full focus on promoting local content and giving the South Australian community an event that feels their own.

The AVCon Festival has been running for 21 years, and built a lasting legacy within South Australia, and stands as one of the pillars of pop culture celebration on the Australian calendar. Because of its long-lasting success, AVCon has developed a sterling reputation and is respected nationwide in multiple industries and communities.

AVCon is committed to fostering local and interstate talent in fields such as game development, digital productions, writing, art and design, sewing and construction and other creative outlets such as streaming and podcasting.


Surveys have found that AVCon appeals to and is attended by males and females in equal measure, with another large segment of our attendees identifying as non-binary or genderfluid. 40% of AVCon attendees fall into the 18 to 24 age range, and another 40% fall into the 25 to 34 bracket, meaning AVCon has solid appeal to the younger demographics who make up the largest share of consumers spending money on pop culture-related products and services.

AVCon is a family-friendly event that offers free entry to children under 10 and targets content directed at young fans to foster a lifelong love of AVCon and pop culture. Feedback from previous years indicates that AVCon resonates with and is well-regarded by the family demographic. AVCon also runs ”After Dark” which is an 18+ pop culture celebration run on the Saturday night of the main AVCon Festival. After Dark allows older fans to enjoy a range of pop culture entertainment not suitable for a younger audience and vendors and artists to offer a wider range of products than normal.

Our Online Reach

[icon name=”facebook” prefix=”fab”] AVCon Facebook has 21.1k followers and a reach of 100k over 2023.
[icon name="instagram" prefix="fab"] AVCon Instagram has 4.4k followers and a reach of 18.5k over 2023.
[icon name="arrow-pointer" prefix="fas"] AVCon Website generated 400k page views over 2023.

Marketing Material

Team AVCon will supply your store with advertising material for display and signage to show AVCon 2024 ticket availability. Although displaying this advertising material is optional, Team AVCon marketing material is designed to be unique, appeal to consumers, and collectable, which should increase interested foot traffic to your business.

Team AVCon will also supply your business with detailed information about the AVCon Anime and Video Game Festival that should cover any questions asked.

Physical Tickets and Ticket Types

The tickets will come in two varieties: Day Tickets and Weekend Tickets. Each physical ticket will come with a unique QR code that allows it to be scanned into the Team AVCon ticketing system at the AVCon ticketing booth on any of the Festival Days. Customers may optionally write their name on the ticket contact information on their ticket.

Customers must be wary that upon purchase, they are solely responsible for their physical ticket. Holding the ticket at the time of use will be proof of ownership, and scanning the unique code will exhaust that ticket. Team AVCon Inc. will not be able to assist if a physical ticket is lost or stolen and consequently used by another individual.

Physical tickets can also be redeemed during our early pass pickup period on Friday, June 28th, at the Adelaide Showgrounds from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This will also grant you access to Friday content, such as the Opening Ceremony and Quiz Night.

Day Ticket

Day Tickets can be redeemed for one of the AVCon Festival Days (Saturday, 29th of June, or Sunday, 30th of June). Once their ticket is redeemed on either day, the ticket holder will receive an AVCon Day Pass valid for that day, and that ticket will become exhausted.

If the customer would like to attend the festival on both days after purchasing a Day Ticket, a second Day Ticket must be purchased, or the customer may contact ticketing@avcon.org.au for information on upgrading the ticket to a Weekend Ticket.

Weekend Ticket

The Weekend Ticket can be redeemed for a Weekend Pass that allows the customer to enter on both AVCon festival days (Saturday, June 29th, and Sunday, June 30th).

Team AVCon Inc. nor the Ticketing Partner are not responsible if a consumer purchases a Weekend Ticket and is unable to attend on Saturday, 29th of June. Weekend Tickets scanned on Sunday 30th of June will still receive a Weekend Pass and become exhausted and no compensation will be made for the unattended day.

Supply and Sale of Physical Tickets

Team AVCon will initially supply your business with a pack of our physical tickets containing 20 Day Tickets and 20 Weekend Tickets. The tickets will be sturdy and feature appealing designs, making them collectable keepsakes that cannot be obtained by ordering a ticket through our online portal. This will motivate consumers to seek out the physical ticket.

Once physical tickets are supplied to your business, you may add items to your POS system or whatever method you use to perform sales and commence selling AVCon Physical Tickets.

All tickets supplied to your business remain the property of Team AVCon Inc. until they are sold to the consumer. Tickets will be sold through the retail outlet on behalf of Team AVCon, and sales will be recorded. You may make sales in your desired manner and take either cash or credit.

Each physical ticket has a unique QR code and 12-digit ticket number printed on it. Whenever a ticket is sold, the first letter and last 4 digits of the ticket number must be recorded. On request, physical volumes of tickets sold, as well as a list of the ticket numbers, must be able to be provided.

On a monthly basis, a Team AVCon representative will contact your business regarding ticket stock numbers and can arrange the restocking of ticket assets in further packs of either 20 Day Tickets or 20 Weekend Tickets as needed. Partners may contact ticketing@avcon.org.au at any time to request more stock if needed.

Any Team AVCon representative who contacts your business will first supply information about themselves in emails from official avcon.org.au email addresses and then supply a photo ID when making contact in person.

Team AVCon Inc. will provide documentation with quick Q and As for most questions that customers should have.

Terms and Conditions


Costs and Handling fees

Physical Day Tickets Recommended Retail Price - $40.00
Physical Weekend Ticket Recommended Retail Price - $60.00

All APTPP members are entitled to a handling fee on every ticket sold equal to 10% of the Recommended Retail Price.

Handling Fee for Day Ticket - $4.00
Handling Fee for Weekend Ticket - $6.00

APTPP members are permitted to offer the AVCon tickets at a discounted price at their own discretion of no more than 90% of the recommended retail price ($36.00 for a Day Ticket and $54.00 for a Weekend Ticket). The discount on the ticket price will come at the expense of the handling fee.

Regardless of the price at the time of sale, Team AVCon will invoice the partner for 90% of the recommended retail price ($36.00 and $54.00, respectively).

On a monthly basis, when a Team AVCon representative contacts your business to inquire about stock levels, that representative will request sales numbers from the previous fortnight's sales period. Team AVCon will then invoice your business for the cost of the tickets sold minus a handling fee. This invoice must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date into the supplied Team AVCon bank account. Payments to Team AVCon must be made via bank transfer. Team AVCon will not accept cash.

Team AVCon Inc. and its representatives can be contacted at any time for questions or issues or for additional ticket restocking.


AVCon Physical Tickets are non-refundable. The ticketing partner shall not provide any refunds for physical tickets. If a customer who has purchased a physical AVCon ticket at any time inquires about a refund, they must be advised to contact ticketing@avcon.org.au


Applications for the AVCon Physical Ticketing Partner Program for AVCon 2024 are now open. For more information or for any questions regarding the AVCon Physical Ticketing Partner Program, please contact ticketing@avcon.org.au.

You will be able to complete the form below or here (this will direct you to the Google Form).

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