Every year, AVCon is proud to host international and local guests, whether a voice actor, game developer or cosplayer.

We pride ourselves on allowing attendees to interact with guests at no extra cost with minor fees for keepsakes such as hardcopy photos and signed memorabilia. Previous guests have included voice actors, TV personalities, cosplay stars, and gaming developers.

Our 2021 Guests

With a session pass or weekend pass, you will be able to meet our guests for photos and signing sessions and attend special guest panels.

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Guest Panels and Workshops

More than just your average panel, these are run by AVCon’s special guests. The panels can be a general discussion about the guest’s career or a workshop aimed at a particular skill, including voice acting, animation, cosplay and game development. If you are interested in the guest(s), why not sit in and enjoy their amazing tales of life experience or be a part of the end of panel Q&As. Check out below to see sneak peeks of what guest panels will be on this year at AVCon 2021!

For more details regarding when panel schedules, check out Our Events page for more details.

For more details about our other community and industry-led panels and workshops, check out our What’s On page.

Andy Trieu’s Fantabulous KPop Hour

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm during the Saturday Morning Session

KPOP (or Korean Popular Music) is a style of music, fashion and audio-visual content originating in South Korea which has begun taking the world by storm! Not only have KPOP songs made it into the Australian charts but the KPOP culture has exploded with Australian youths who seek to either emulate the looks of their favourite KPOP stars or hold feverishly intense crushes on them. And AVCon is bringing the Asian pop phenomenon to you with our special guest: Andy Trieu!

Talk about a variety of achievements; not only has Andy earned a double degree from ANU, not only is he a three-time Australian Champion Martial Artist, but he is also a star of both Australian small and big screen! You may know him as the ‘Kitchen Ninja’ from Channel 9s Kitchen Whiz show, or maybe you saw him in a leading role in the Australian cult zombie movie ‘Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse’? But you should know him best as the host of SBS’ former PopAsia TV show and current host of the #AndyTrieuShow!

Andy has been on the front lines as the KPOP craze spread through the Australian consciousness; announcing the latest KPOP news as it happens, presenting the hottest songs week on week and having the privilege to meet some of the biggest KPOP acts in the world such as BTS, Red Velvet, SHINee, Jay Park and more. Andy will take the AVCon World Warrior Stage from 12:00 pm Saturday 10th July to discuss what KPOP really is, explain why it is so awesome, recount his experiences with the hottest KPOP stars and even talk about how to get into it; either as a fan or on the path to KPOP performer fame. Come see AVCon’s KPOP debut with the leader discussions, main Q and A, aegyo KPOP footage and sasaeng demonstrations.


Michael Cusack – Clay, Ink, Puppets and Patience – A Talk on 4 Decades of Animating in South Australia

1:00 pm during Saturday Morning Session

Did you know Adelaide is home to one of Australia’s leading animation companies? Your mind might have gone straight to 3D models in a computer but the company ANIFEX has been creating bright and bouncing characters since long before the microchip. Clay, cel, model, puppetry and stop motion are all art forms that this company has used to create legendary content for both TV and film…and yes they even do computer animation as well.

You’ve seen their work on TV; we all have whether we are aware of it or not. And so have our parents, and probably even our grandparents too. ANIFEX have been creating content for more than 40 years which includes such beloved figures as The HOME Hardware dogs, The Energizer Battery Man, The Schmackos Dog and friends, the Reach FLiptop Head Man, Rice Bubble’s Snap, Crackle and Pop, the Paddlepop Lion and of course the legendary Louie the Fly. They even got to animate Dr Karl piloting inside a human-like mech, wouldn’t you want to hear that story?

AVCon is excited to welcome the co-founder of ANIFEX Michael Cusack to AVCon 2021! He will deliver a presentation on his life as one of Australia’s most accomplished and well-respected animators, how he got into the business and started a company that would work in the industry for over four decades, his memories and experiences in producing some of the most recognisable material in Aussie pop culture and explain the various processes involved with bringing characters to life with ink, clay and lots of patience.

Michael’s career as director of both high-end television commercials and multi-award-winning short films has brought him worldwide recognition from his peers.

His highly acclaimed short film ‘Sleight of Hand’ picked up thirty-six national and international awards and was eligible for consideration in the 2014 Academy Awards. His film ‘After All’ was in the International Competition in Annecy.

Come and hear Michael talk at the World Warrior Stage during Saturday Morning Session!


PLEASE! Delete My Browser History!

10:00 pm during Saturday After Dark 18+ Session

Are you ready to indulge in the seedier side of game and anime fandom? Want to see more off the cuff antics from AVCon 2021’s guests? Want to see some AVCon staff let loose forgo the usual public image? Want an entertaining show that will probably make you cringe as much as it will make you laugh?
Late, late, late (OK maybe for some 10 pm is not that late) during AVCon’s ‘After Dark’ Saturday night session we are putting on our very own game show in the style of ‘Spicks and Specks’ or ‘Good News Week’ but instead of music or current affairs, our show ‘PLEASE! Delete My Browser History!’ will ask the kinds of questions that all anime and game fans of culture have found themselves asking at one point or another….”What IS the lewdest anime figure I can buy off Amazon?”
It will be our Youtuber guests Josh Dub, Mully and Smashing VS Team AVCon (whichever of us we decide is the most corrupted) in a convoluted and scandalous test of knowledge straight from the wicked mind of our host, every indomitable Nerd King, featuring media, props, charades and probably a beverage or two.

This is a show you have never seen at AVCon before, so come discover who comes out on top when we test our mettle on ecchi anime, internet culture, questionable fandoms, violent videogames and…tasteful anime merchandising. Bring a support friend (or two) to the World Warrior stage and be prepared to laugh your butt off…or possibly begin preparing an email mentally on how we should never do this show again. In either case ‘PLEASE! Delete My Browser History’ promises to be an experiment for the record books and an experience you won’t be likely to forget!

Guest Photography

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Guest Signings

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Past AVCon Guests

Guests are an integral part of the AVCon festival, and we are proud to present you with our past guests.

2019 Paul St. Peter D. C. Douglas SFX Images Steamkittens    
2018 Major Sam Cosplay Beke Cosplay Vera Chimera Knitemaya Spike Spencer Neil Kaplan
2017 Jen Taylor Steve Downes Quinton Flynn Chris Pope    
2016 Good Game Caitlin Glass        
2015 Jennifer Hale Yaya Han Eve Beauregard      
2014 Jon St. John Cherami Leigh Chris Avellone      
2013 Jessica Nigri Chris Cason Spike Spencer      
2012 Cassandra Lee Crispin Freeman        
2011 Little Kuriboh Ryan Lappin Jade Gatt